Genius Bars Instructed To Replace White iPhone 4 Handsets With iPhone 4S In Canada & U.S Apple Stores


In a recent publication, 9to5Mac points out that Apple Store Genius Bars have been issued a notification regarding white 16GB iPhone 4 handset replacements. They have been instructed to upgrade white 16GB iPhone 4 customers seeking replacement under warranty to iPhone 4S instead due to shortages in inventory of white iPhone 4 16GB. The order stands valid for Apple Stores in Canada and U.S until  further notice.

According to the source:

This iPhone 4S would be a refurbished white iPhone 4S 16GB. This situation will not affect all customers and Apple Stores, but it seems like many white iPhone 4 16GB owners seeking hardware replacements may get Siri, an A5 chip, and an eight megapixel camera out of their next Genius Bar appointment. Sources specifically said that the issue pertains to Apple Stores in the United States and Canada, but the sources did not mention other countries or regions.

So guys, does any one of you qualify for this amazing upgrade? Let us know!


  • gtasscarlo

    Damm it, if only apple can do this for black iP4 that would be awesome.

  • Micropower99

    These units are not refurbished, get your stories right.

  • Usman

    Duh?? does that change fact you get an iPhone 4S in place of iPhone 4!! 

  • Oscar9

    is this true?   Can you simply take in your white iPhone and get it replaced with an iPhone 4s; seem too good to be true.

  • Micropower99

    True, keep in mind this is ONLY if their out of stock on the iPhone 4 units.

  • this is what happen when you post those kind of news. First thing they think of is to abuse it.

  • As an AppleCare subscriber, my local Apple Store has been very kind with replacing units when I’ve had issues. I’m willing to bet though, in the case of a hardware upgrade such as this, there would be somewhat tighter controls and lots of work to validate the user’s reported issues with their existing phone.

  • Terry Mcvicar

    So, I am not too familiar with the  Apple Genius Bar or making an appt or anything like that. However, the past couple days I have noticed that using my White iPhone 4 16GB, when I’m on a phone call, the other person cannot hear me at some point in which I have to end the call. What should I do? I took it to Fido to do a repair and get a loaner phone, but they automatically sent me to Apple, which is about a 30 min drive from where I am. I just don’t wanna waste my time. Whats the best solution? 

  • Leet

    I can confirm this For Toronto, I got upgraded 4 to 4S

  • Soyouthinkso

    I have a 32gb?

  • ivvyyy

    can anyone confirm if stores in vancouver are doing this?