Here Are the Rest of Samsung’s Ads Mocking iPhone Users [VIDEOS]


Remember that hilarious Samsung commercial released that mocked Apple ‘fanboys’ waiting in line for the iPhone 4S? Turns out the original full length commercial was a compilation of smaller clips.

Here are the other shorter clips from Samsung USA’s YouTube channel (via @stephenbcleary), most likely made to air on TV. One new commercial mocks the App Store, and some of the others have new scenes.

Why Wait? The Next Big Thing is Already Here (full length):

The Next Big Thing Has the Best Apps (this one is new):

What Are You Waiting For?

Stop Waiting: Samsung’s Galaxy S II:

The Next Big Thing: Samsung’s Galaxy S II:

Well played Samsung. Keep comparing your Galaxy S II to the iPhone.


  • As per Samsung if you are bartista you can’t be creative, isn’t that kind a stupid assumption…

  • Anonymous

    Samsung only wishes that their phones created such a buzz to form lines in anticipation of a release …

  • Anonymous

    This continues to show how much Samsung doesn’t get it. The people and demographic they are mocking have ready cash to spend and could potentially buy Samsung products like T.V’s, printers, microwaves, etc., but Samsung is content to alienate this people and loose sales in other markets for the sake of marginal Galaxy phone and tablet sales. Not very good business sense.

    When Apple did their Mac vs PC adds they didn’t single out individuals or demographics but used a very broad brush. Samsung running it’s Apple copy machine again has completely missed the point.

  • sp

    …gotta say…after trying out both phones…im almost ready to change over.

    ive had the 4S since release and then tried my friends SII yesterday and WOW…

    not a fan boy or what not, but i mean its all about really what you want and what suits your needs…..

  • Dongski08

    As much as i’d like to try Galaxy SII, can’t find local stores to buy it unlocked.  How stupid of Samsung to  let the networks make it exclusive to them.  Even their website will point you to the networks. With Apple, I can buy iPhones unlocked and not sign to a ridiculous 3 years contract.  I travel a lot so I need unlocked phones.

  • Kraken

    Looks like clips of the same commercial.

  • Crain

    Look people lov there iPhones they like there others phones that’s life iv had them all iPhone does what I need do wish I had a bigger screen for when I travel for work but it’s on the way I sold my 3GS for 250 and bought my new phone 4s and all works great who needs a lap top with a 4s so were all allowed diff in or opinions so make peace not war it’s just a phone we have them and work hard for what we aa want life in world

  • Anon

    You do realize you can easily unlock any S2.  Google is your friend, use it.

  • Anon

    Just wait until the new quad-core Samsung’s come out.  It’ll leave the 4S in the dust.

  • Anon

    You are missing the point.  The commercial is to inform the typical ignorant Apple fanboi that there are better alternatives out there that you don’t have to wait inline for.

  • That’s what I said. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    You’re the one who’s missing the point! If samsung was so good, people would stand in line for it, but… When u say better alternatives what do you actually mean? Better from what POV? Galaxy s2 will be long forgotten after 1 year from its release, so what’s the point of having 10 cores if the current OS and apps aren’t optimized for it and the next OS will not come out on it huh?

  • Anonymous

    Kind of short commercial, the one about the appstore…. Spotify – check, facebook (or whatever) – check, but how abot the rest that actually matter? How about Infinity blade 1 and 2, how about dead space, how about nyx quest, dark meadow, how ’bout a good rss reader, photo-synth, and so on.

  • Bigwilly

    Having both the Samsung galaxy s as well as now the iPhone 4s. I will never go back to Samsung or even android. Nuff said.

  • sp

    see thats not the case… there is more than enough phones to go around with Samsung.. not to mention different versions. there really is no need to stand in line for one because it is readily available. 

    the iphone on the other hand is a nightmare and the only way you can get it is you DO stand in line or you buy it at a ridiculous amount from someone who stood in line. 

    i have had every version of the iphone and blackberry. and in reality…i wouldnt ever wait for a phone ever again. 

    you can love your phone and your choice neodoru but there are other options out there for people who want. 

    these commercials do show that.

    and i do have the 4S at this present time….

  • Anonymous

    You can flash any android phone with any firmwire for it from around the world. It’s super simple. This is more of an issue with Canadian carriers than companies, as this is the case with any phone you buy from any carrier. You can buy unlocked iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and Nokias online/in stores unlocked.

  • Just546

    Umm, didn’t they paint PC users as lame/nerdy/glasses wearing/ill fitting suit/boring type?
    Seems like they are type casting the PC user.

    You need to relax. I like my iPhone 4S. But I didn’t wait line. Maybe that’s why you are all bent out of shape. Did you waste your night campin out?

  • Anonymous

    I have the 4s and I didn’t stay in any line. I didn’t wait 2-3 weeks for the mail either. Online reserve with personal pickup is for those who don’t like lines and long waiting times ;).
    It’s so easy to get a Samsung because the demand isn’t so huge as it is for the iphone ( the fact it deserves that or not is a different thing – and no, the 4s doesn’t deserve its hype).
    Options are always present my friend, no one is denying that, they were present and they will always be. Nobody forces anyone to buy an iphone, it’s personal prefference.
    This comercial is the exact replica of the old fable with the fox and the grapes, they wish people would stand in line for their products :).

  • IVortex

    The 4S is an over-hyped POS.  I waited in line like many others on launch day because I bought into all the BS hype, boy was I disappointed when I got home.  Performance is almost the same as my 4, but unlike my 4, there’s no untethered Jailbreak it.  Battery wise, my 4 lasts a little longer than the 4S.   WTF?!  And this was supposed to be an upgrade?   Sure it has Siri, but I have no use for it, so it’s useless.  By the way, I wasn’t aware of the Samsung until I saw these videos.

  • Aristotles

    Did you come here to troll for fun? I got my 4S on launch day. How did I do it? I knew something about human nature so I knew that all of the stores downtown of a large city like Vancouver would be sold. I surmised that everyone would be looking in the obvious places so I decided to take the Skytrain out towards Richmond after work and hit every mall or shopping district on the way. I lucked out by finding a Telus store at Oakridge centre that had some in stock.

    Anon, you are missing the point. The 4S sold out on launch day at most of the stores because it was popular whereas Samsung phones are not as popular except among the “anything but Apple” crowd.

  • Aristotles

    It’s all about the apps. Android does not have low latency audio so you are not going to see something like Garageband or Amplitude for Android phones anytime soon.

  • Aristotles

    Hi anon, how often do you have to charge your phone each day? How long will the quad core phone last? Recharging every 2 hours?

  • xxJDxx

    Did you not watch the presentation or read any of the reviews before ordering it?

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you really don’t compliment youself at all, do you live under a rock or smth?! Have you heard about the internets?! :))
    First, the 4s battery lasts longer than the 4, second the performance is the same with the 4 iIN THE OS (because it can’t be faster) BUT USE SOME APPS!

  • Scott

    Holy cow what’s with all the fanboy and brand bashing.  Its just a phone for gawd sake!  You people need to get a life.  Getting an iphone is not going to get you laid.  Waiting in line for hours or days is absurd.  All phones will be forgotten in a year when something new comes out.

  • Shnukms

    i think you guys should be more open, it’s a funny ad. there’s some truths about looking silly when your lining up to get a phone. then again using an iPhone us an experience altogether. i am fortunate that i work for a tele comm company and switch phones regularly, i had the iPhone 4 but switched to the SGS2X when i learned that this year was gonna be a “3gs year. ” both phones have their strengths, since I’ve been jailbreaking my iPhones it’s really easy to switch to the Android platform since it’s a very open OS. kudos to Gary for posting this.

  • Anon

    Nope.  Mine lasts the whole day before I re-charge at night.  Sometimes every second or third day, depending on how often I use it.  At least I can change the battery in the S2, unlike the 4S.

  • Anon

    What planet are you on?  Just because there are huge line ups for a product, doesn’t mean it’s any good.  It’s called over-hyped marketing, and Apple is great in that respect.  The S2 barely had any marketing at all.  A good example is when tons of dorks lined up for the vista Vista launch, and we all know what a disaster of an OS that was.  When new mobile cores are launched, devs update their apps accordingly, and that takes time.  Same applies to the iOS platform.  Even the most basic, single threaded application can benefit from
    multiple cores if it depends on additional services such as sound,
    video, or networking because the second core will manage the additional
    services independently. 

  • Anon

    Why am I not surprised with this reaction?  LMAO!   You aren’t alone, and I’m sure many feel the same way.  

  • Anonymous

    dude, that’s an argument coming from Mesozoic… don’t tell me you keep your pockets full of batteries :))!