How Apple ‘Magically’ Deals with PR Nightmares


Jason Snell, via Macworld:

Apple’s philosophy, then, is not to release a vague statement and then stall while the company figures things out. Instead, the company prefers to remain silent until it can offer a thorough explanation and announce a solution. In both cases, the company also used its response to rope in its competitors, explaining that the issues involved were industry-wide, not limited just to Apple.

Let’s also keep in mind that Apple’s a proud company that prefers to keep technical details hidden from consumers and describe its products as “magical.” There’s a carefully cultivated mystique that is definitely part of Apple’s secret sauce. Having company executives declare in public that they’re not quite sure what’s going on, but by gum they’re going to get to the bottom of it, would work counter to that image.

Apple has mastered the art of dealing with the media, unlike these guys:



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  • Guy in the first video had a point. Bigger companies get singled out, just because a news source thinks it’s a good story. If there was never an iPad, the Playbook might be successful. On the other hand, if there was no iPad, there would probably never be these other tablets.

  • Drocass

    Mike is 100% correct. How many times have heard other companies says “this is the apple killer” everyone is trying to one up apple, without that bar who know were phone and tablets would be.
    A world were palm pre was king? Lol

  • Thats true, small issues get blown out of proportion, as in antenna gate. Instead of actually focusing on actual functionality, they focus on the mundane. I think Apple has been lucky, and this saying nothing at first and then coming back a week later, is going to shoot them in the foot in the future. They have to be more dynamic then that, and keep changing it up, then the press will be off guard.

  • Calgary

    this article (no offense) is pretty useless…Apple is successful because people are gullible and hype things up because they saw an ad or read something (that was written by apple) or just ain’t smart enough to know better 😉

  • Anonymous

    Apple has always relied on its old school Macoyltes (especially in its ‘Support’ Forums) to deny a found issue is an Apple-created problem and suggesting the idea the user is an idiot. “Nothing ever goes wrong with Apple”. Its only when the complaints stack up and its makes mainstream press does Apple actually get around to a fix – and it rarely offers an apology, usually blaming a supplier rather than itself.
    ‘Form over Function; Denial over Responsibility’ seems to be Apple’s mantra.