iOS 5.0.2 Coming Next Week to Address Battery Issues, New Siri Features in iOS 5.1 [Rumour]



Some rumours regarding iOS and Siri have emerged from German site Macerkopf. The site claims sources have told them Apple is set to ‘release’ iOS 5.0.2 next week to further address battery life. iOS 5.0.1 was released just last week to address battery concerns and so far I’ve experienced positive results on my iPhone 4S, whereas others have not as shown in our recent poll. The site claims the battery woes of iOS 5.0 caught Apple off guard and usage should return to normal levels, instead of performing worse.

The second rumour is Apple is set to add further functionality to Siri, possibly coming in iOS 5.1. Examples of specific new features include the ability of Siri to snap a photo, take a video, and toggling WiFi and Bluetooth on/off. Earlier, we saw iOS 5 settings shortcuts introduced via the free tweak IconSettings. Could Siri bring these options in the future? That would be amazing.

These rumours are just that. It’s logical that Apple would already be working on future versions of iOS, along with Siri enhancements. The company is set to release further language and functionality in 2012 for Siri. Canada, for one is anticipating location, restaurant, and map updates. Stay tuned.


  • Hopefully they make it so the screen doesn’t turn on when using siri via the headset. Right now if you make a call using siri via the headset the screen stays on for the entire length of the call.

  • Seanross

    Ever since the update to ios5 my play counts do not sync between iPhone and iTunes. Is anyone else having this problem? I’ve tried turning home sharing on and off again… I can’t seem to fix this.

  • Anonymous

    i wish siri would be able to read messages from other apps, or even open other apps…iOS SDK should have the functionality for developers to add Siri functionality to their apps……if they have this software, why not utilize it to its fullest potential? 😛

  • Honger

    If I have a very thick FOB accent, will Siri understand me?

  • Anon

    You should be able to turn it off the screen via the power button, and still use Siri.