iOS 5 Update ‘3200 error’: Apple Servers Can’t Keep Up


Apple released its much anticipated iOS 5 firmware update today, and it appears the demand has overwhelmed Apple’s servers. Users attempting to update to iOS 5 have ran into the problem and it’s occurring worldwide.

I would advise users to hold off on updating and wait until demand tapers off. The ‘3200 error’ (or 3400, 3004, 3014 error) has resulted in people being unable to restore their iOS devices. So if you don’t want to end up with a temporary ‘bricked’ iPhone, I’d wait it out. It’ll save you some time in the long run.

How has today’s iOS 5 update gone for you?


  • anyone know how to fix the error recived after trying to restore from a back up?

  • Hudes

    My question is, I thought there was tabbed browsing for the iPhone, what happened to that?? Other than that iOS 5 seems to be great. Not sure how it effects battery, but everything is running so smooth and beautifully

  • took about 10 tries on the Ipad 2 and 30 tries on the iphone before the 5.0 installed. Just be sure NOT to unplug the divice if you see the apple update screen. It will reboot and your device will show up in Itunes after a minute or so.

  • Itwasmagic_card

    Where’s the tabbed browsing for Iphone?

  • Tabbed browsing is only for the iPad.

  • SSM

    tabbled browsing is only for the iPad version of Safari, not iPhone.

  • SSM

    tabbled browsing is only for iPad, not iPhone.

  • Abc123

    tabbed browsing only for iPad

  • Casey Callaghan

    Would downloading a IPSW file of iOS 5 from iClarified work for iOS 5?

  • Fab830

    got it after 5 times !!!

  • Zilly

    can ANYONE comment on error -37, while backing up? (continuing will result in the loss of all contents)

  • Don

    Just keep retrying I never counted how many attempts I tried but it must have at least 20 times if not more. Finally got iOS 5 installed an hour ago.

  • Beetle

    iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3004)
    iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3014)
    iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (11)
    iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occured (3200)

  • CM in UK

    iphone 4 completely unusable. In permanent recovery mode or on a continuous boot loop. Error messages everywhere. Tried 57 times to resolve but no joy. NOTE everyone, if the boot loop appears the BACKUP is corrupted as well. SO everything has gone, Work emails, contacts etc. Disaster

  • Sean

    Cancel the error amd reboot. It worked for me.

  • Tz616379

    I had that same error so I just waited 10 minutes, tried again, and it worked perfectly fine.

  • Sdfgsdfgsdfg

    i just kept tring, eventually, it worked

  • Beetle

    To stop the boot loop: hold both home and lock butons until the apple logo reappears, at this time keep holding the home buton only. You will get the message to connect it to iTunes again.

  • Khai Rosli

    Had an error issue on the first try. Restarted the process again and I am now a proud owner of an iPhone4 with OS 5.

  • Brian

    Ok….I’m glad it’s not my computer f***ing up,I can’t even get iTunes to open now.

  • Oroths

    Still can’t update … this is my fourth time trying

  • Gerry18

    Yea, my iTunes kept stalling and all my apps were gone. B@stards! Not going to update until a couple of days until all the crazies has gotten their downloads haha.

  • Gerry18

    Tell me about it, I lost all my content in iTunes because of the stupid update to 10.5 so literally I can’t do anything when my iPhone is plug in other than watch the balloon spin.

  • Oroths

    5th time was the charm

  • Tine2105

    It worked on my 5th attempt. I had quite a scare when my phone was bricked : iTunes couldn’t recognize it and I had to restore it to factory settings. Luckily, I updated to iTunes 10.5 this morning and backed-up my phone, and eventually, after four hours of attempts, my phone was restored to this morning’s back-up with iOS 5 running! Fiew! 

  • Dfsfsad

    ios 5 sent my iphone in to recovery. and now i cant even use my phone. it says connect to itunes . apple get your shit together

  • BLAH

    First attempt ugh…

  • Anonymous

    It took 20+ attempts to finally get iOS5 installed. Unfortunately had to keep trying because I ended up in DFU mode. Phone dead until update succeeded.

    Now it’s loading all my apps back onto the iPhone…. Slowly. LOL

    First thing I noticed is syncing is different, doesn’t appear that you have to stop using the phone while it syncs.

  • Hades

    Got it after 8 times

  • iPhone lover

    I’m all updated and current and trying to figure out how the heck this icloud works… I was lucky and started the second it became live but it still took a long time (2 hours) to download. So far so good tho… it’s a learning curve that’s for sure… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Three failed attempts at upgrading tonight. My iPhone 4 still works fine, no “bricking” but no iOS5 either. Will get up early tomorrow and try again.

  • Anonymous

    iPad update went well. I had to restore my 3GS after the 3004 error. It went well the second time around.

  • QRM

    iPad update–no issue ( 7 PM) with Error 3004 results…followed advice in KB TS3694 and flushed the dscache…and success.

  • Anonymous

    For 3002 error you should put the device into DFU mode and the update

    100% flawless everytime for all my devices

    Connect device to computer. Backup in iTunes
    Turn off device
    Hold down power button
    When you see Apple logo hold down home button and keep holding down power button
    When Apple logo goes away let go power and continue to hold down Home

    Once iTunes tells you that it detected the device then hold down shift + click restore button. Navigate to ipsw location and install

    Simple.. Worked for 2 iPhone 4 and my iPad 2… Had 3002 error for all those devices and once in DFU mode the install was perfect

    DFU mode might work for other errors but I had 3002 so your mileage may vary

  • captjimmie

    I had same problem. I got the phone into DFU mode, then replaced the IPSW 5.0 with 4.3.5 and made it restore with that. It finally worked. Restoring all my data now and then will try to upgrade to 5.0 again.

  • Mouss12

    im there right now! f*ck…. long bus ride without my itunes!

  • Mouss12

    Looks like im okay now… only took an hour.

  • it was not working for me at 5pm EST. But i just updated it now… waiting for it to finish syncing now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Finally got it working … Seems pretty good so far except you can’t put newsstand in a folder … Not happy about that.

  • Zilly

    Download mercury for kickass browser tabs n all

  • Radvisions

    Getting your sms mailbox is full in ios 5 can’t get any new texts. any ideas?

  • NEIL

    I updated at 9pm eastern time. Worked flawlessly the very first try.

  • Bex

    I’m getting the same thing. I’ve restored and everything, can’t make it work.  HELP!?

  • Yamadorishitate

    No kidding huh, what’s with that …

  • Yamadorishitate

    Mine went pretty smoothly. Biggest let down was I had to reorganize my apps. Other than that, quick download and install. Back up running 100% in about 30 min.

  • you can’t put a folder into a folder. 

  • Baddgoat

    Honestly what worked for me was clearing out the host file to apple’s server. This can often fix “31xx” or “30xx” errors immediately.

  • iPad only feature. I have been using the iOS for a couple of months, there is no or very little change in battery. I actually think it last longer. 

  • plug to itunes and restart your phone. 

  • Leigh

    Having the same issue.  Tried rebooting, but to no avail.  🙁

  • Goodstuffsam

    fucking disaster

  • Radvisions

    Every where I have looked states that there is a limit of 75,000 messeges on the phone but I can’t for the life of me find how many messeges I got. plus there are people deleted there whole entire messeges and still get the same notification there mailbox is full.

  • Inter08

    I’m kinda confused with iMessage. Where is the group texting?

  • Inter08

    The only thing that seems new on the iPhone is the fact it says read, delivered, you can see if someone is typing, and the font is blue. Is that it?

  • Radvisions

    Ok I fixed my issue with the SMS mailbox is full. You guys and Ladies ready?? :)Don’t create an Icloud account yet. I restored my phone without creating or logging into my icloud account.

    I really think that Rogers and the canadian carriers really don’t want the Imessege to work because it would cut off their revenew from texting and sms.anywho my texting is working and I rather have that than play in the cloud for now

  • Please explain how to do this.  Thanks.

  • Valentin Morin

    My problems:
    iTunes is telling me that there are 4GB of “other” in my iPhone, huh? wondering what that is…
    also, all my ical is f**ked up, everything is in double
    i also can’t synched my phone anymore “the synch couldn’t be finished” or something… 


    Error 3002 ? Help me plzz

  • Anonymous

    DFU mode.
    Scroll down for the steps I did

  • Mike

    I wish apple would set it up so we could download one file to update all the iDevices at once. They could still have it phone home about the updates but all the repeat downloads and these errors would be minimized and it would be faster when a subscriber has more than one device.

  • srh_111

    My Reminders app isn’t working!!! I have no “plus sign” on the app so I can’t add reminders. Does anyone know how to fix this without restoring my iphone for the second time. arghh…so frustrating. 

  • Sam

    Worst for me lost my whole apps and cannot even restore

  • Anonymous

    Finally got mine working last night, too. The upgrade borked after installing iOS5 when iTunes reported it couldn’t find the “pairing file”, so I had to reboot my computer and then manually reinstall my backup. Took about 70 minutes total. Still need to do my wife’s 3rd Gen iTouch and my daughter’s 4th Gen iTouch. You can imagine how excited I am by this….

    Newsstand not being able to be put in a folder is just bizarre. At the moment, it’s an empty, useless icon sitting on page 3 of my phone.

    Like the background syncing. Like the new notification system. iMessenger was acting weird – I texted a friend 2 provinces over who also has iOS5, and her iPad was recognizing the conversation as an iMessage but her iPhone was not.

    Otherwise, still delving into some of the new features. Given that I use Camera+, I’m not sure how much use I’ll get from the new photo features. Hope Camera+ gets to go back to using the volume button as the shutter as well.

  • Bex

    I didn’t do iCloud in the first place because I currently don’t have wifi set up. 🙁

  • Bex

    I didn’t do iCloud in the first place because I currently don’t have wifi set up. 🙁

  • Legendair1

    It was a real disaster upgrade, Apple did drop the ball on this one, The server made the iphone crash witch went in a recovery mode work 3 hours on this, no choice the phone was lock…

  • Anonymous

    Probably a moot point going forward, this is supposed to be the last monolithic update Apple does for iOS. Maybe for major updates e.g. iOS 6 though…

  • Michaelgwiener

    Good advice – wait unless you want to spend half a day “unbricking” as I did.

  • Anonymous

    No location based reminders for the 3GS … Disappointed about that …

  • Joel

    after updating to ios 5, all of my existing apps were wiped out. did this happen to everyone? anyway to restore?

  • Joel

    after updating to ios 5, all of my existing apps were wiped out. did this happen to everyone? anyway to restore?

  • Addison

    i haven’t been able to receive any text messages after the update (that took 7hrs).. anyone else with this issue??

  • DeadpreZ

    I did my update and don’t even have a reminders app

  • srh_111

    That’s not cool. I figured out my problem if anyone else is experiencing the same. You have to make sure that Reminders is turned on to sync with iCloud for your iCloud account and your other mail accounts. You can check it through Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Accounts. From here just tap on all of your accounts to check that Reminders is On. Good luck to everyone else struggling out there! 

  • JonnyGirl

    Ok. So I downloaded the iOS 5 firmware with no problem.  BUT, I my phone accidentally fell and unhooked from the USB while the firmware was downloading.  So I plugged phone back in and the download completed.  BUT, it did not go ahead and start the update to my phone.  Now, the download box is gone from iTunes.  I have located the firmware in my application settings.  Then I went to hit update and it finished with a Error -37 code.  Then it said it would lose all info if I continue!  PLEASE HELP!!!  Do I have to download the firmware all over again?  I hope not…it took 2 hours 🙁  

  • Anonymous

    I did my update 30 minutes ago and I read this post about 3 minutes after I started and I freaked. But all went well. It took about 30 minutes. Thats it! Luckily I did not have a lot of video but apps took awhile.
    But having issues with iTunes. I am sure I had an 8 gig iphone but now since I updated itunes yesterday. It shows 14 gig. Actually 13.73 now after the 5.0 update to  my phone.
    Gonna have to check to see if it was  really an 8 Gig. But something seems amiss. But it is working fine??

  • Arnold Moore

    My experience almost exactly. For me it finally worked when I rebooted my PC (FWIW).

  • BUNNI1783

    So I updated and it made my phone do the recover also. It finally got all my apps but erased all photos and music, and when I try to upload pics it keeps saying failed to Sync…is anyone else having trouble uploading ur photo library? ( I have about 6,000 photos)

  • Jenny

    I have the same problem as well!!

  • Patrice

    My daughter is having that issue with receiving text, she has to turn the phone off and on to get them to come in.  She doesn’t want to reset to factory settings because she doesn’t want to loose all of her text messages.  Has anyone gotten a fix on that?

  • amy

    i’m having the same problem. anyone know how to fix this?


    OMG can someone PLEASE tell me how to get my texting back?! I don’t want to go back to factory settings…I’ve been carrying over much of the info on the phone since the first phone in 2007. I restored and didn’t set up iCloud, SAME THING. Please help! Thank you.

  • Speed_metal_4

    i downloaded the IOS 5, downloaded no problem, apps are fine, cloud works great. my only and huge problem is my (other) capacity is at 4.2GB.????? and now when i try to sync my phone (adding music) it starts to sync then randomly stops. any ideas?

  • Nickwohlbach

    after 30 minutes its at about 5% backed up

  • pimpdaddykane

    i lost my iphone4 headphones.. who feels bad for me?

  • Qfury69

    Hold your home buttom and sleep button for 10 seconds.

  • katiee


  • Bookchick

    Wish mine had all gone. It would have been easier than all 2,000 of mine being loaded on the phone at once by the new ios. I’m almost scared to hook it up again.