iOS 7.0.2 Lock Screen Bug Allows Any Call from Emergency Screen


Screen Shot 2013 09 29 at 5 08 21 PM

Looks like another Lock Screen bug has surfaced, this time in iOS 7.0.2, discovered by Dany Lisiansky, who posted a video of the bug to YouTube. This bug allows users to dial any number from the Emergency call screen, which is normally only allowed for 9-1-1 calls.

We were able to independently reproduce this bug and make any call from the Emergency screen as described. How does it work? When a notification comes in (like a text message), swipe to the right on it but simultaneously swipe up on the camera icon, while holding down on the latter. Then dial a number and press the call button 2-3 times. This will crash the spring board (Apple logo will appear) but the call will go through.

Below is how the bug works, as described by Lisiansky:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Send a message to the iPhone / eject the Sim
(or any other way to show a notification on the lock screen.)
2. Start swiping the notification, while swiping right swipe also the camera icon.
3. While you keep holding the camera icon, slide to unlock and press the Emergency call button.
4. Type a number in the emergency call.
5. Press 2-3 times, fast on the call button.
6. The SpringBoard will crash.
(and you even able see the application behind the lock screen for a split of a second)
7. When the SpringBoard will start again, you’ll notice that there is an active call.
8. Enjoy πŸ˜‰

You may recall just two days ago Lisiansky also discovered another iOS 7.0.2 lock screen bug which allowed someone to access your photos, emails, messages and more using Siri/Voice Control.

iOS 7.0.2 was released by Apple on September 26, which fixed a bug that allowed someone to bypass the lock screen pass code. Now it appears yet another bug has surfaced but in iOS 7.0.2–expect Apple to address this exploit in a future iOS update.


  • DaveMa

    Keep ’em coming and soon iOS 7 will be totally secured. πŸ™‚

  • Daniel

    Need a BlackBerry for that, man…

  • canadan

    I eat blackberries all the time, especially when in season,how could they possibly make my phone secure?, am I missing something here? They say an Apple and day should keep the doctor away, are we not expecting just too much from our fruit? Sheesh πŸ˜‰

  • Daniel

    Haha fruit is healthy. πŸ™‚

  • WestCoastStar

    Holy shit what’s next? Dipping the phone in tabasco sauce on a Saturday then licking it? Well done. Only makes the iPhone more secure.

  • CiD

    hmm you do realize with Siri, you can dial any number with the phone locked….

  • Anon

    All these bugs in iOS 7 is a good thing. Makes it easy to find an injection point for a Jailbreak,