iOS 7 Beats Android, Windows Phone 8 And BlackBerry 10 In User Survey


Results of Pfeiffer Consulting’s annual Mobile Operating System User Experience Benchmarks survey are out and as it appears, Apple’s iOS 7 tops the charts beating Android (as used on Samsung devices), Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 mobile operating systems. The study shows that iOS 7 is also rated higher than the older iOS 6, which itself is ranked at number 2.


The survey calculates the usability of a mobile OS across four elements: cognitive load, efficiency, customization, and user experience friction. The mobile operating systems involved in the study included iOS 7, iOS 6, Samsung’s version of Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10. Looking at the results, iOS 7 triumphed with a 73.25 score followed closely by iOS 6 with a score of 70. Next came Android, Blackberry 10, with Windows Phone 8 pulling up the rear with a score of 47.25.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the report:

“What separates the Android user experience from iOS 7 is not functionality, but feature-bloat and sloppy user interface design. In terms of user experience, less IS more.

But there is another issue for Android, and that is market fragmentation: The loyalty of Apple’s users is such that the company can be certain that millions of users will upgrade to a new release – and Apple’s marketing is working hard to increase the desire to do so. Android, by contrast is terrifyingly fragmented, with most users only upgrading when they change device. This is a problem that will be almost impossible to overcome – and can only get worse over time”.

If you’d like to know more details about the study, hit up this link.


  • freddy

    What a bunch of bull crap

  • kbakken

    Agreed. That report is nothing but a masked Apple ad. A lot of it is just wrong. Cognitive Load? If you don’t want to use those features/apps/widgets, then don’t. But it sure is nice that android has all of that if you do choose to utilize it.

    How useful is multiple pages of grids of buttons?

  • Riiiiiight . . . .

    Better than Android my @$$

  • Apple needs to be creative

    This is an apple ad everone knows… and ios 7 is STILL THE SAME AS IOS 6!! ALL U DID WAS ADD COLOUR like the negative colour effects and add a bottom bar…apple only attracts children now watch by 2050 apple will probably be out of buisness because they ARENT CREATIVE. FOR ONCE MAKE A DIFFERENT DEVICE THAT IS NOT SIMILAR TO THE OTHER IPHONES

  • Jay

    Crap. Windows phone has the lowest score on customization? Why didn’t u mention live tile and the ability to change tile size. Can iOS do that?

  • anonymous

    Ill be honest I would be on windows phone 8 right now if I could get a note 3 with win phone 8 and have the amount of apps that android has. I would rate the operating systems 1) windows, 2) android, 3) bb 10, 4 ) ios. I despise ios with a passion.