iOS Users Seeing iCloud Storage Expiration Dates of 2050


Apple noted the MobileMe changeover to iCloud would result in a free 20GB of storage space to go along with the complimentary 5GB. Now, many users are seeing iCloud storage expiration dates of 2050 in their accounts.

You can check your iCloud storage expiration date by going to Settings–>iCloud–>Account. Here’s a screenshot of the 2050 expiration date below (via @matthew416):

The far out expiration date was first noticed by TUAW, but it appears to have reached numerous former MobileMe subscribers. I would think this would be a glitch in Apple’s systems–similar to when iPhone 5 pre-orders erroneously noted Lightning to 30-pin adapters would be included in the box.

Anyone else seeing this? 38 years from now is a long time. What version iPhone would we be at? iPhone 24S?!


  • yvrgal

    I’m seeing mine expires in 2050!! Far out!

  • Coluch

    I’m seeing the 2050 expiration through the iCloud preference pane in Mac OS X as well.

  • HC

    Have the 2050 on Mac OS X as well! Hopefully it will stay. At the end of the day, having paid for MobileMe should be enough of an income to Apple to cover for the next 37ish years for digital storage.

  • Apple fan

    My account is showing as expiring in 2050 too… It says “you will be downgraded to the free storage plan when your 20BG plan ends on 09/30/50″… yay!!!!

  • wuju

    mine says 20GB plan ends on 09/30/50 too. That would be amazing! so I can get to keep my 25GB iCloud storage for a long long time for FREE. Let’s hope this is true.

  • Anthony ?

    Same here, 2050 expiration. Hoping it’s not just a mistake on their end.

  • JW

    Mine says 2050. I agree with HC. I paid for MobileMe for 2 years with the family plan. I think that this should be legit. I’m taking a screenshot and legal action if they try to change it now. πŸ™‚

  • Mine is saying 2050 as well. If this is the case I might spend the morning migrating my iCloud data over from my other iCloud account. (I had set up a separate one because I wanted it linked to a different email address and figured it wouldn’t make a difference once the free storage expired, but if I can get a free storage upgrade for 37 years, it would be worth using my old MobileMe address for my account. πŸ™‚

  • Prailor

    im not seeing anything from my osx, though im not to worried, by then we will probably have a couple tb as the free plan