iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, Apple Watch Models Coming in March: Report


Mark Gurman from 9to5Mac explains his sources have reaffirmed a March Apple event is coming the week of March 14th possibly, where we’ll see the iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se and new Apple Watch models:

Apple is planning to introduce new iPad hardware at an event in mid-March, according to sources, with the most likely device being a new iPad Air. This new iPad with a 9.7-inch screen, presumably to be called the “iPad Air 3,” will be launched alongside the a new 4-inch iPhone known as the “iPhone 5se” and a series of new Apple Watch models.

Sources tell Gurman Apple has been testing 9.7-inch iPad display panels that may be compatible with Apple Pencil.

As for the 4-inch ‘iPhone 5se’, it will come equipped with the A9 CPU (not A8 as previously mentioned), improved cameras, more storage, Live Photos support and Apple Pay support, in what many expect to be an iPhone 5s version of the rounded iPhone 6 curved edge design.

Also, new Apple Watch Sport Band colours will debut, plus more Hermes bands, a Space Black version of the Milanese Loop, and a new band made out of an unidentified material.

Yesterday Apple announced a record Q1 2016, selling 74.77 million iPhones, part of its overall $75.9 billion in revenue. The company announced for the first time iPhone sales for the next quarter may face its first decline. Would a new injection of iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch hardware change that?


  • Sweet!
    I hope it’s true. I’ve been wanting to buy a iPad Air for a while now, but not wanting to buy a year old one at full price.
    I’ll be snapping up an Air 3 for sure.

  • Wall Man

    I’m in the opposite situation. Just bought an Air2, and am very happy with it. I don’t think the Air3 improvements will be that significant. One thing I am betting on is that the price will be higher in Canada vs the Air2.

    If you can wait, it would be best to wait. I couldn’t or I should say my wife couldn’t.

  • Ahh. My wife and I have the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. It’s actually going to become my sons game and learning tablet. He currently has a Nexus 7 (2012) and it’s getting really sluggish. At least I have a window timeframe to shoot for.

  • ShaBi

    Can anyone explain why the reflected hand and device taking the picture is larger on the iPhone 5 than on the iPhone 6…. 5se/phone on the right?
    Can anyone also explain, if the said 5se’s screen is supposedly 4 inch, and this picture is supposedly the real thing, why is it that the screen size on the supposed iPhone 5se is noticeably larger than the iPhone 5?

  • Pierre-Marc Latraverse

    I don’t know about the reflected hand but about the size, it’s maybe a 4.2 inch screen or i simply think that the round edge of the iPhone 6 design can explain the larger. In fact, the iPhone 5SE make sense in the iPhone family. I started thinking to change my iPhone 6 for a 5SE and the reason is simple, more power (A9 > A8), a better camera and Live photos. Sometimes, the 4.7 inch screen is too big for my hand.

  • ShaBi

    “…simply think that the round edge of the iPhone 6 design can explain the larger.” – that doesn’t explain why they keep saying it’s a 4 inch when they supposedly have the real thing in front of them and it’s over 4 inch like it is in the picture.

    And we’re supposed to believe the smaller iPhone 5se has more features than the bigger iPhone 6, AND supposed to cost less?

    Don’t mind me, I just like to challenge questionable rumors until I see the real thing being officially announced on stage.