iPhone 4, App Store Set Guinness World Records


The iPhone 4 is setting world records! Guinness World Records upturned expectations this week by giving Apple three gaming related records!

The first record is that the iPhone 4 was the fastest-selling handheld game device, reaching sales of approximately 1.5 million units on its first day. As a basis for comparison, 200,000 Sony PSP units were sold on its launch day and the Nintendo DS took seven days to reach 500,000 units.

The second record is for the largest downloadable game store, via the App Store. This leads to the third record which is for the App Store.

The third record was given due to Apple having the largest launch lineup of any game platform, again via the App Store.


[LATimes via Guinness]


  • Mouss12

     iPhone is not a game device, it’s a phone. Yes you can play games on it, but it’s still a phone. The iPhone should have records for PHONE sales not Game Device Sales. If it was a game device it would be an iGame.

  • Kenny3535

    I agree !!!

  • Auto Strada

    yeah, but what you guys don’t know is the PSP and Nintendo DS hold the records for not having sold any units in the “Smartphone” category.

  • Dennis


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