iPhone 4 Now Shipping in 1 Week from Apple Canada


A while back the US Apple Store improved its iPhone 4 shipping times to 24 hours. Canadians that were ordering online drooled with envy. Now, it looks like Apple Canada is slowly following suit.

A recent change today on has the iPhone 4/3GS shipping times reduced to 1 week instead of 2. Apple is definitely preparing for the holiday season and ramped up production. A similar scenario happened recently with the iPad, as shipping times improved to 24 hours and included free engraving.

This is a huge improvement compared to the iPhone 4 launch when orders had ship times of 6 weeks. Could an iPhone 4 could be under your Christmas tree this year?

[Apple Canada]


  • z24george

    i know the stock has finally been meet and now i walked into the apple store and was saying i need iphone checked they go do you want an iphone 4 we got stock, you think after 4 months they should have stock

  • WTF are you talking about? It’s hard to decipher your horrible English grammar.

  • Anonymous

    +1. So contradictory… “We got stock” “You think after 4 months they should have stock”

  • Natasha A.

    Hopefully this means that Rogers will start getting more stock.

  • Anonymous

    There’s commas for a reason look it over and the comma is there to switch points

  • Anonymous

    A comma is not used to change points/idea… A sentence of a paragraph is… The problem isn’t about the comma or whatnot. He said the Apple store employee’s said that they have IP4’s in stock and then he goes… you think they’ll have stock after 4 months….

    E.G I Like pie, but airplanes fly… Does that make any sense @ all? No… Might want to freshen up on your english.

  • Anonymous


  • Jbohn

    Also, an apostrophe is not needed when the item is plural, such as “employees”.

  • Alreadybernie

    Apple has likely been going full out since the iPhone was introduced. What likely happened is they increased their allocations to Canada. While they want to keep the iPhone in tight supply and safeguard it’s cachet, however some people going into a store will demand a smartphone now and walk out with an Android, Blackberry or even a Windows phone (shudder) if they have to wait for an iPhone.