iPhone 4 Shortages in Canada: Are You Still Suffering?


It’s been well over a month since the iPhone 4 (read our full review here) launched in Canada. People waited in line overnight for the launch (and apparently still are waiting!) and shortages appear to be still existent from coast to coast. Locating an iPhone 4 seems to be quite the Easter egg hunt. Shipments arrives sporadically to both Apple Stores and the ‘Big 3’ carriers. Bell and Telus have had stock online and Rogers continues to have nonstop shortages.

Here are a couple tips to located that precious iPhone 4:

  • Use the Forums. Check out this thread for helpful tips. We also have a dedicated section to Location Stock/Availability. They are updated by fellow Canadians that are trying to find an iPhone 4 just like you.
  • Check twitter and search for the latest updates in your area. Don’t forget to follow @iphoneincanada
  • Call the “retention lines” of Rogers/Fido/Bell/Telus. Some people have been able to “demand” an iPhone 4 by threatening to switch to another carrier.
  • Wait in line if you’ve got the free time. One of my friends took a half day off work to wait in line at an Apple Store! What a world we live in. A company creates a must have product and people will do anything to get one! 😉
  • Buy off Craigslist/eBay if you’re desperate and can’t wait–but use your due diligence.
  • Forget the iPhone 4–wait for the iPhone 5!
  • Buy from the Apple Online Store for an unlocked device.

When will you finally get your hands on the iPhone 4? Are you still waiting?


  • or you can just buy from the apple online store.

  • As a Rogers user in Ottawa, I gave up after being told to do so.

    Multiple Rogers stores and the Apple store both told me unless I camp out between 10am-12pm on Monday, there is no chance. There is no sign of a let up in demand and it’s obviously not going up for sale on anytime soon.

    I caved and picked up an Android instead.

  • David Ranson

    I have looked all over for the last month, couldn’t find a Rogers phone anywhere, can find lots of Telus, no Bell either. Talking to the numerous authorised locations, the issue is not even really demand, they just aren’t getting any product. They say when they do get them it is one or two units a week, they would sell more than that of the 3GS in a normal week. I am starting to question why launch a product when you don’t have adequate supply levels. Local Rogers store indicated a lot of people have started buying other handsets as they are just fed up with waiting for the IPhone 4, I am thinking of doing the same….

  • U96178

    Yeah, I think they’ve started catching up with their stock! I ordered online via on August 20th. It says that it will be shipped on September 13th and expect to be delivered by September 20th. Guess what? It’s finally shipped on September 3rd and it should arrive tomorrow, September 8th. I’m so excited!

  • Melanie

    have been waiting almost a month for a 32G iPhone4 to arrive at my local Bell Aliant store. Not interested in paying full unlocked price from Apple so I guess I’m stuck waiting…

  • Anonymous

    Savour the wait. You may find after a time time that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting.

    I, unfortunately, HAVE received my iPhone 4. If it isn’t better by Thursday I’m leaning towards returning it.

  • Griz

    Why if this problem dosn’t exist in the US, dosnt Apple divert more to Canada?
    I want an unlocked 32 and have a $330 apple gift card so I have to wait until there is regular stock at the apple Vancouver stores.

  • JfromK

    I waited in line for about 4 hours on release day at the apple store in Ottawa. It was relatively painless; we were all handed little cards that guaranteed us a phone. They handed out free water and sport drinks all morning to those in the line-up and apple even gave us high 5s! heh. I don’t know why you seem to dislike the iPhone 4. I really enjoy it after coming from a Blackberry Storm… But I’m on Bell with no GSM or Edge to drop back too and HSPDA+ in my home is low, 2 or 3 bars. This causes me to experience the antenna issue the Americans cried bloody murder over, but I am happy they did because my free bumper really does solve the issue. If it’s dropping calls, try the free Bumper.

  • Tired_

    Hire someone to camp out for you. Way cheaper than buying an unlocked one from Apple, or using ebay or craigslist at the inflated prices.

  • Drewgo

    I’ve abandoned my desire for one now…it’s taken too long….now I’m just counting down my contract with Rogers so I can dump that too…next July can’t come soon enough for me…..

    My hopes are now on the new ipod and of course no contract…..

  • realist

    in victoria its mostly only an issue for rogers customers, some stores have literally only gotten a handful of rogers phones in one month period. But ive frequently come across telus and bell phones sitting around waiting for someone to come buy them.

  • BM

    Bell updated their website from 30 days to 15. I to think Apple has more stock now.

  • Mike

    Stock for Rogers in Saskatchewan is painful. For the most part, 5 phones per week at some kiosks. 0 at others.

    Maybe it’s a sign that I should let my Rogers contract run its cycle (August 2012) and switch to SaskTel (again) or Telus.

  • Anonymous

    I walk by a Rogers store everyday and ask when more phones are coming in, and usually check with at least one other store as well. I’ll tell you what bugs me the most – the wishy-washy answers. As a huge multi-million dollar enterprise, and Apple’s largest partner in Canada, Rogers obviously know what the the hold up is. I feel by not properly communicating with its customers, and potential customers, they are hurting their business in the long run. Honestly, I’m more pissed at Rogers than Apple.

  • Jbohn

    On release day I left my name on a list at the only store that was keeping a list, a Rogers store nearby. I kept calling almost everyday in my city and come nearby towns. Nothing.

    I had given up and decided that if I ordered directly from that it would get to me sooner than trying a store in town, so I ordered one. About a week later the Rogers store called and told me my 32 GB phone was in!! That was last Thursday, so I had the long weekend to play with it. Apparently the wait list for 32 GB ones is shorter.

  • AndrewBC

    I live on a small island on the BC Coast, so standing in line at the nearest Apple Store (Vancouver) is more than a tad inconvenient. I am on several wait-lists with telus dealers (the only one here on Saltspring Island, plus others in Victoria and Duncan on Vancouver Island). The Duncan store called a few days ago that they had a 16 gig model for me, but I am waiting for the 32 gig (in order to handle the plethora of apps that I have been downloading in eager anticipation!).

    I just got a call from my partner who is in Vancouver for a few days, telling me that there are many store there with signs in front saying they now have iphones available. I’m hoping that means I will be able to get one here or in Victoria this week.

    Because the Rogers signal coverage on Saltspring Island is very, very bad, we have always had to deal with Telus, whose signal coverage here is poor and spotty, but way better than Rogers. Therefore, I had to bide my time (with great envy) for the first 2 and a half years of iPhone availability until telus did their network upgrade. When it was finally possible to get one, late last year, I decided to wait until this year’s model came out, as I was anticipating some significant feature upgrades (and I was correct). It boggles my mind, after all that waiting, that I am still waiting, well over a month after the phone that I have decided to buy was released. …..very frustrating.

  • Jbohn

    Another thing… at the Rogers Store in Orchard Park Mall they have had a sign up for weeks saying “Out of iPhone 4” and then they added “STILL” to the front of it, and then “We don’t know when stock is coming in” and below it “Blackberrys are still cool though…”

  • Anonymous

    Question: Is Rogers only offering the upgrade price until September 30th? Several posts in the forums imply this, but I can’t find that anywhere on Rogers’ website.

  • Rainkaze

    At my local Rogers store, they have a waiting list of 2000+ people. Most are corporate users though.
    Crazy nonesense

  • went to Yorkdale in toronto today, saw about 15-20 ppl lining for iphone, its been like this everyday in yorkdale- one guy told me(he works in a phone shop nearby)…
    I want to buy unlock as soon as possible, im sending a gift for my brother! jeez!!

  • Un Lapin

    Yes, I ordered from Bell last week and they said 14 days. (business days that is)

  • K33N3R

    You know what bugs me.. all those dang iPhone 4 adds everywhere by all the carriers. On TV, print, billboards, etc. They are all touting the iPhone 4 as the greatest thing since sliced bread and that everyone should get one! Well, that’s great but it would sure help if they actually had any in stock! False advertising! They are all advertising something that they don’t have.

  • Sly

    I got mine a few weeks ago thanks to @iphoneincanada but my wife is holding put for the white one. What patience she has.

  • JJ Wong

    I am getting very tired of searching for the iPhone 4. If you work weekdays 9-5 like me, there is no way you could get one. It is getting ridiculous. Apple Canada should have done a better job handling the shortage. I don’t see how come they cannot let me order one on line (with contracts) even if I have to wait for few more weeks; at least I know I will get one. Apple should at least announce the number of iPhone available at their locations the day before. I just can’t take a day off work and wait in line without knowing if I can get one or not. I think they have created enough hype already; it is time to start caring for your customer APPLE! It is too bad we don’t get any cool Android phone in Canada. As for Rogers, this company sucks, I have no expectation form Rogers, but Apple supposed to be good with their customer service!!!

  • Glad we could help 🙂

  • Tournesol2000

    I ended with the 16GB since that is all that I was able to get. It bothered me that I “settled” with the16GB model, but then again, my time lost waiting in line, day after day, was too much!
    But I did have to wait in line for an hour and a half every day for a week! But that was only after I got fed up going to Rogers stores around me asking the question and getting rejected every day for a month!

  • V987

    i said fuck it about a month ago… got me a bold, it aint an iphone but it’ll do for now

  • They’ll do anything to sell a phone eh?

  • Ouch. You should’ve waited for…the Torch! 😉

  • But…but…isn’t that what their Social Media team is for? To relay news to consumers and let us provide them with feedback? :p

  • V987

    i got sick of waiting man

  • Tidus

    I have an unlocked 32GB if you want it.

  • Simon

    I gave up. My 3GS will do just fine for another year. Also, this shortage got me looking at the Android ones, they aren’t that far behind now.. We’ll see how Apple steps up for iPhone 5!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Their team must have taken an extended summer vacation.

  • Ih8reno

    I got mine the day it came out with Virgin Mobile, called them first they said they were getting it soon by ups, went in and 30 min later walked out with mine

  • I have spent so much time trying to hunt down an iPhone 4 that at this point I can’t give up. I was in line on launch day and have visited all the Rogers stores in Windsor several times since then. I must have around 15 hours of time that I’ll never get back into trying to secure a 32GB model.

    Most of the stores in this area have received between 25 and 40 phones since the launch. That’s just dumb. It’s not a launch, it’s just a tease. If I don’t get one by the end of the month, when the Hardware Upgrade deal expires, I’ll order an unlocked one from Apple.

  • Anonymous

    My iphone is shipped for china. And I’m gonna get it on Thursday!!!! So happy

  • Anonymous

    From china

  • Mister_totoro

    Fido NEVER has any when I call any stores. Bell and Telus yes, Fido and Rogers, never. Did Fido pee on Apple’s carpet or something?

  • Flashover

    Ordered a 32GB and 16GB iP4 last week in Saskatchewan via Telus Online store, should get them tomorrrow!! They still appear to have stock, and it’s been a week now.

  • Gerry18

    Grand opening Apple Store in Newmaket’s Upper Canada Mall this saturday. I’m sure they will have some in stock. I know I will be up bright and early lol.

  • rPat

    I put my name on my local Bell Store’s waiting list on August 12 and picked my 16gb on August 27. My jealous friend decided to take some action in securing hers, so she lined up at the Apple Store in Rideau on August 31 at about 9am and was able to get a 16gb with rogers…overall, not a very stressful process for either of us.

  • Bought a Black 16 gig from Red Flag Deals about 3 weeks ago .. brand new in a box , love it .. Id still be waiting if I was waiting for Rogers ..

  • Danno

    Here’s my story…Ordered unlocked 32GB online from Apple Store – two days later (Thursday), I go to Rogers Kiosk in Erin Mills Town Center (Mississauga), guy nice enough to tell me that shipment coming in at 300 (unsure if any iphone 4), only 3 people ahead of me at 245 so I wait…15 minutes later shipment arrives with DOZENS OF IPHONE 4’s!!! SO I get two…and happy…but loaded with 4.0.2 OOB

  • ward09

    Where did you see the details of the hardware upgrade? When I go through the Rogers website, the only deadline I can find is September 30th for the free bumper case. I see nothing about a hardware upgrade deadline.

  • socrdiva11

    sept.30 is also the deadline to sign up for the 6GB for $30 promo….

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy S… Pretty much an iPhone running Android!

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Galaxy S… Pretty much an iPhone running Android!

  • ward09

    I was in Future Shop tonight in Ajax, ON. As everyone else has found, they had lots of Bell and Telus phones, but none from Rogers. The rep said that just about everyone who has come in for a Rogers phone is looking to upgrade as an existing customer. Just confirms what everyone has been saying here.

  • ward09

    True, and that’s a big deal – much bigger than the bumper case. I wonder if Rogers will show some some understanding at the end of the month for those who want the 6GB plan, but haven’t been able to get a phone yet?

  • gybe

    This is just BS. I can’t get an iPhone with Fido unless I wait outside the Apple Store from 9 until late in the afternoon. And that’s just days they’ll receive shipments. I work all those days! I would buy Nexus one in a second if I could get it from a carrier here. We’re just screwed really. And the most annoying thing is that I’ll end up getting an iPhone 4.. probably 5 months before they release the next model :S

  • Hellplop

    Yes I was there last Friday morning (albeit not early enough), and the couple of guys first in line were there the night before, around 12-1am!! Everyone just gets there to take a chance if Apple gets a delivery of enough iPhones. People are pretty orderly though – once you arrive and put your name down on the list, you can chill and come back. Someone then calls out each name in order and the actual lineup happens just before the store opens. The one major benefit is you can do a HUP with any carrier, or choose to buy the unlocked iPhone. I simply got my micro-Sim and left, because I finally decided to order online, which beats waiting in line, and delivery seems to be just less than 3 weeks now. 🙂

  • Matt

    I live in Calgary and I got my iPhone 4 3 weeks ago. All i did was call my local telus store and i was in luck, they had 6 32gbs left. I drove there right away and got my iPhone 4 without any of this line-up hassle or waiting list. I guess I got pretty lucky from what I have been reading. Got my bumper last week and my invisible shield just arrived.

    I have a question though. Every now and then my iPhone tells me ” Your SIM card just sent a text message.” Is this normal or is there something wrong with the SIM card? Any replies would be helpful thanks.

  • Burrows

    I got lucky and picked up the last one in the okanagan/interior of BC on launch

  • Chris

    I’ve had mine since launch day and yes, it’s faster but not a huge leap over my 3GS and it’s cute having the front camera. The best thing is the HD video which is staggering. But guys, don’t stay awake nights dreaming about it. It’s nice having a phone that’s been so hard to get, but do you think I’ve been able to try FaceTime? NOBODY I KNOW HAS AN IPHONE 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shnoggins

    I’ve been 15 in a wait list for the past three weeks at a local Bell store. If they ain’t buying the damned phones on the mainland, ship ’em down to the Atlantic provinces where they’ll be sold.


    People can get iPhones on Telus & Bell because those carriers only recently added HSPA capabilities, so only recently started adding iPhone subs. This means there are almost 0 pre-existing iPhone users on those carriers, which means nobody needs an upgrade.

    Rogers has the vast majority of existing iphone subs, and (almost) everybody’s eligible for an upgrade. Normally Rogers would tell the handset makers to “get stuffed” until they had enough inventory to meet demand, because otherwise Rogers will just make its customers angry. In this case, Telus & Bell don’t have that problem, so they would take the iphone right away, which would mean that all us Rogers customers would be pissed that BCE & T got the iPhone & Rogers didn’t.

    So you can see that Rogers couldn’t say no to Apple, and now they’re suffering the consequences.

    I just wish there were a permanent limit per customer. Sure, you can only get 2 per visit, but you can visit as many times as you want. Where do you think all those iphones in Craigslist are coming from? People who just wait in line to get phones to resell. Ive seen families w 3 yr old kids and 90 yr old grandmas each getting their 2 iPhones each, just so they can all be resold.

    That makes me angry.

  • yea. its kinda crazy, the guy also told me that, if u want iphone, dont get it here in yorkdale, u aint getting this lolz, but still i have to get 2 phones before next week!!

    i think apple just want to sell mostly unlocked phones so they get most of profit from iphone directly from the store , not the carriers which shared a profit from contracts…

  • Adam

    I work at a bell sotre and since the release we’v received around 20 iPhone 4’s. Yet we still have a huge list of pre-orders we are trying to pass as well, gets quite frustrating to always hear that a lot of people want this phone yet we have not a lot of stock thanks in part to apple.

  • Jedi Hunter

    Best bet for rogers stores in Toronto is between 2-3PM when UPS makes their deliveries. For Toronto shoppers, Jarvis and Bloor is your best bet as it’s the largest store in the core.

    I feel the pain of no stock, I just got my 32g 4 Friday…..I was calling the Rogers store 3-4 times a week…..very frustrating..

  • Nfpdes

    Actually Rogers and any other carrier have no idea what stock they’ll get or when. It is entirely up to Apple. With other manufactures, Rogers will submit an order for the stock they want. It doesn’t work that way with Apple. Apple send stock to the carriers, the amount and timing is entirely up to Apple. Apple’s analysts will predict demand by region and prioritize where the stock should go. No carrier has any control over it.

  • Tine2105

    Got mine on launch day. After waiting in line for 6 hours (I was about 20th in line by that time,) the carrier’s servers crashed. I hadn’t eaten and was about to pass out (I tend to have blood pressure drops if I haven’t eaten and have been standing up for a long time.) I went to the Apple Store manager, pleaded illness, and managed to convince him to put aside a 32g for me. I left, went to have a bite to eat, went home for a nap and came back to the store about 5 hours after I’d left it. The people who were in front of me in the line were just then leaving the store! I just went to see the manager again, got my phone and it was activated right away.

    So while everyone waited all afternoon, I ate a copious meal, had a beer and took a nap. Sometimes having health problems has upsides!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not saying that Rogers has control over the amount of stock or the schedule of when they arrive. My point is that Rogers is doing a lousy job communicating with customers. Certainly Rogers has executives that are in charge of product launches and dealing with specific manufacturers. I find it hard to believe that they haven’t spoken with Apple to find out when more are coming and communicate or change their policies accordingly . For example, take orders over the phone.

  • Anonymous

    Or never showed up for work in the first place!

  • Anonymous

    Or never showed up for work in the first place!

  • Anonymous

    Shhh! That store’s right across my work!

  • Anonymous

    Yes, still looking for one, have my name on waitlists at multiple stores… 🙁

  • pdw2001

    I’ve been on a waiting list at our local Fido store since August 5th…. Still nothing… I also call a few times a week.

  • Hereisphil

    Ordered a iPhone 4 16gb on the Telus website the evening of Thursday Sept 2.
    Despite the long Labour Day weekend, Purolator knocked on my door today, Wednesday the 8th with my new phone. That’s fast and beats lining up for days….hours etc at a store.

  • bR

    My Rogers contract was over since April, been looking for the phone with Rogers but no luck. 2 wks ago one Best Buy Mobile had it in stock but just for Telus, didn’t give in. Spent the next 2wks hunting around, no luck. Today checked again, same BB Mobile still has it for Telus only 32GB, well, was aiming at 16GB but bigger storage won’t hurt, so I decided to hop over to Telus. Very happy with it in my hand right now. Hope I won’t feel jealous when the white one comes out 😉

  • Karen B

    I walked in to a Bell store yesterday to inquire about the iPhone and walked out WITH one! This is one time when living outside the city has been a benefit!

  • Kerry

    I’ve been an Apple guy since before 1984 and I’m finding this iPhone 4 situation has really caused me to reconsider my relationship with them. At least when the iPhone 3 and 3GS came out, Rogers dealers took lists (some even deposits), but inventory actually arrived within a week of launch date.
    I’m in Victoria and Rogers’ dealers say they weren’t allowed to take waiting lists, just lists of people to start calling but it was still a first come, first served affair. I’m on the list at maybe five different Rogers outlets and have not received one call. Other Rogers dealers actually have waiting lists (one still has over 150 names) and will not sell you an iPhone if you’re not on their list. Further, a couple of Rogers dealers claim they have never even received a single iPhone 4, even for display purposes (they still 3GSs up).
    I admit I’ll never be one to line up overnight for a new iPhone and would find it hard to even stand around for few hours waiting for the UPS guy to deliver some once the shop has opened, but this situation is still ridiculous. Now, on the heels of the Mexican official saying “fixed” units will be coming out after September 30, how is anyone supposed to make sense of this?
    I don’t want to buy an locked phone and am happy to continue to use Rogers for another three years. Apple stores can sell you the phone at the 3 year contract price with activation, why can’t Apple from their website store? Or, why can’t independent Apple dealers, who sell EVERY Apple product EXCEPT the iPhone, get in on the action.
    The iPhone 4 has never really been released in Canada . . . it’s been leaked and dribbled and rationed. I wonder what the availability of the iPhone 4 looked looked like in the US one month after launch?

  • Anonymous

    I have had all of the “rare” problems reported about iPhone 4. Orange pictures, dropped calls, ear-dialling and a few I had not heard about – dropped carrier even with full bars (when not in the hand), poor hands-free performance.

    Plus it still overheats when running GPS and listening to streaming radio, which is the reason that I “upgraded” from 3GS to 4.

    iOS 4.1 seems better. I am giving it a few more days of testing.

  • ddpope

    I called Fido yesterday and switched a from a prepay to a plan. I was surprised to learn that they had the iphone 4 in stock. They said my iphone 4 would be delivered on the 15th.

  • Wipdeedoo

    That’s Rogers head office… obviously there is stock; they don’t want people hanging around.

  • Jeana

    I got my iPhone4 the day it came out. I went to Best Buy but they only had 2 and there were 2 guys waiting for the store to open. So I took a chance and went to Costco and they had 8 phones. I was the 8th person in line so I was very lucky. I love my iPhone4. The HD video is super and so easy to transfer to YouTube. The camera also takes great photos. The one down side is that none of my friends have one so I can’t use my Face Time! Hang in there guys, it’s worth waiting for.

  • Tim

    I gave up after a few days and bought the HTC desire. There will be no supply of iphone4s until the antenna issue is fixed. Android phones btw are fantastic.

  • Stop trying to buy it at a Rogers,Telus,Fido or Bell store. Go to Apple. When the 3G came out there was a reason the cell stores had more of them. You couldnt buy an iPhone at an Apple Store on a contract or do upgrades. Thats why Apple Stores have way more of them then the cell stores do.

  • I got mine the day it came out. Waited from 11:30 pm on the 29th till 7am on the 30th at the West Ed Apple Store. They let the first 30 or so people in and i was next up. Was let in about 10 minutes after. Got my 32gb iPhone 4 for $215. They even had Second Cup Coffee and Danishes for breakfast. It was sick.

  • Tigger59

    If you’re a Bell or Telus customer, you can get one. Every store I’ve visited has iPhones for Telus and some also have for Bell.

    I agree this is false advertising! But according to Rogers, they don’t NEED to advertise and never have advertised for the iPhone. That’s true.

    Just the same, it’s now Day 2 of Week 7 and unless we want to linger 24/7 outside stores / malls for courier deliveries or line up at 5 a.m. every day outside an Apple store, provided there IS one convenient to you, you’re out of luck.

    Rumor has it that on 9/15 when BlackBerry releases the Torch, SUDDENLY Rogers stores & retailers will have iPhones galore! Funny, huh!?

  • Tigger59

    The iPhones on eBay and Craigslist were bought by people who stood in line every damn day and paid for an UNlocked phone. It must be nice to have $700+ to lay out on a daily basis with the HOPE that you’ll get $1,000+. As P.T. Barnum once said “There’s a sucker born every minute” and these people are suckers because they’re wasting their lives.

    Our problem is that we want a LOCKED phone from Rogers and stores are getting 3-5 phones per week … MAYBE.

    Apple and all other stores should have had a wristband policy and logged people’s names, with legit ID so that people could (1) only buy 2 phones. Period. Also so that they couldn’t visit other stores and do the same thing. IT’S THESE GREEDY PIGS who are making it hard for the rest of us.

  • Tigger59

    I’ve been to Rogers stores (lost count), several stores in the chains Wireless Wave, Best Buy, Future Shop, Best Buy Mobile, Gadgets@ and T-Booth. I usually speak to the same sales associates and every person has a different story.

    Some blame Rogers. Some blame Apple. Some say wait until mid-September, October, January. I’ve been told Rogers is taking on-line orders. I’ve been told they CAN’T tell me when their shipments come in. I’ve been told approximately when shipments come in. I’ve been told they only got 3-6 phones since the launch date. I’ve been told they haven’t received ANY phones. EVER. I’ve been told they haven’t received ANY since they initial launch date. WHO DO I BELIEVE?

  • Rogers_Sucks

    Telus, Bell and Virgin Mobile customers get an iPhone without too much of a wait.

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH ROGERS …? It’s the largest provider in Canada and they can’t do a damn thing for us.

  • Deal

    How did u get the 32GB iphone 4 for only $215? Aren’t they $270 + tax with a contract?

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  • Handyman

    I ordered mine from Apple on Aug 25. Received it sept 9. I figured I would keep checking for stock at Fido but in the meantime would save up for an unlocked one. Guess which came first 🙂
    I love this phone. The display is amazing and it’s super fast.

  • paratroopa

    If anyone’s in Vancouver/Burnaby and has a bit of time to burn in the mornings/afternoons midweek, they could try Brentwood Mall Rogers store… they’re pretty good with telling you whether its showing up on their computers, and the stock usually comes in 1 or 2 days after it appears in their computer systems =D

    I called on a tuesday, it showed up, and got 3 on wed ^_^ (me, mom, and dad), this was in the last week of August…

    Still, good plan is to negotiate your plan BEFORE you go get the phone, just call them and have them activate your new, hopefully kickass plan when you get your phone, they’ll at least be nice enough to hold the phone for you while you dial in to Rogers.

  • 77777777

    No stock in the Halifax area for Bell…

  • grafx_guy

    Shit, I went south for a week and we still don’t have these damn phones. I give up. Gonna drop Rogers next August so I can be done with them unless they kiss both butt cheeks.

  • Ddpope

    Then it never came…says that by the time the order was entered, they had run out of phones.

  • Paratroopa

    I think they should just show their passports or citizenship cards, or LR cards, have them scanned, then they get two iPhones, and that’s it. If they show up in any lineup in Canada they’ll be thrown out by security. Pretty soon we’ll have to have DNA samples taken, retina scans, to prevent these profiteers from depriving canadians from iPhones xD

    Typed out with an iPhone 4. But to provide some help to vancouverites, Brentwood mall rogers plus store is pretty good with shipments. Better than arbutus and broadway…

  • Shill001

    This is stupid!! If apple can’t supply Canada with enough phones how do they expect to supply China as well? I will give it until the end of the month then black berry touch here I come at least they can meet supply and damand!

  • JumperPilot

    Tomorrow is December 1st and I am still unable to purchase an iPhone anywhere in the Lower Mainland in BC. If this months long shortage is a marketing strategy, it is disastrous beyond reckoning because it is coming to the point where I am pissed off enough to swear off ALL Apple products in the future if this is how they think they can manipulate customers.

  • JumperPilot

    Tomorrow is December 1st and I am still unable to purchase an iPhone anywhere in the Lower Mainland in BC. If this months long shortage is a marketing strategy, it is disastrous beyond reckoning because it is coming to the point where I am pissed off enough to swear off ALL Apple products in the future if this is how they think they can manipulate customers.