iPhone 5: Cat Washing, Tax Preparation, Cures Flu


Here’s some early Monday morning funnies.

It looks like the internetz has found a very early concept design of the next iPhone, the iPhone 5!

As seen by the image, the iPhone 5 includes such must-have features as washing your cat, enabling time travel, and preparing your taxes! Amazing!

The new iPhone 5 seems to come preloaded with so many amazing new apps but the new device reportedly does not include a phone!

So are you going to get the new iPhone 5? I know I am!



  • Anonymous

    Does it grant you wishes and transform into airplane, and fly you around the world,if it does that would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    LOL! classic! 🙂

  • Mase

    granting you wishes there’s an app for that

  • ROFLOL Love it!!!!

  • Release tha Kraken

    It fucking prints money !

  • DAvid

    Kudos for crediting the original source!

  • Joe


  • it lost its FaceTime Camera…. I guess in the future it wasn’t a big hit lol

  • Betta-dayz

    still no flash support i see. Won’t be buying it.

  • By the time iphone 5 comes out i think Flash will be Dead in the water Except for those handful of websites who are slow to update. until then… enjoy your droids lol

  • Igzabier

    how ’bout just not drop calls, cost insane, and less toxic, mercury free, promotes culture and art, relieves dependence on crass materialism, relieves workers of the need to produce useless widgets to keep them occupied and servile…?…just sayin’…if we are imagining something better.

  • Well if your going to go that far, go one farther. Starts World peace lol Theres an app for that ^_~

  • Anonymous

    Pie on demand…. Best feature out there

    Who needs cake anyways! Droids can have cake. I’ll take my pie thx

  • Ex

    We always do.

  • Jesse

    Predicts future, changes past… the time travel app makes this kind of pointless, so it better have some extra functionality Apple! I hope someone important is reading this! I can actually see them screwing this up, so I’ll be mad if they don’t change some things. We’re not taking this crap anymore Apple!

  • Half_Pint

    *Does not contain a phone.

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  • Nice iPhone version))) Especially I like controlling weather and getthing chocolate from broccoli.
    How much would such model cost?)