Check Out These Detailed iPhone 6 / iPhone Air Dummy Units [PICS]


The folks over at have today leaked out new images of iPhone 6 / iPhone Air dummy units in Space Gray colour, which could well be the most detailed pictures seen so far of the alleged device. Shared via a series of tweets, the leak shows a larger iPhone dummy that sports a 4.7-inch display, a protruding camera lens and an incredibly thin design.

IPhone 6 dummy 2

It is being speculated that the shape of the device, maintaining the rounded edges similar to the current iPad line up, means that the next iPhone could even carry the ‘iPhone Air’ name. However, nothing can be said for certain about the name or the device it self since Apple is still at least four months away from any new iPhone announcement.

Meanwhile, another tweet from Steve Hemmerstoffer of shows a white iPhone 6 / iPhone Air dummy (see below).


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So guys, what do you think of these iPhone 6 dummy pictures?


  • Tim

    This is definitely the new phone. It is inconceivable that so many very similar looking dummy models have sprouted up everywhere. While the new hardware isn’t mind blowing in terms of physical shape and appearance, it’s well..newer, bigger and thinner, and as I say a lot on here, what do we expect in terms of flat slab innovation these days? Any changes are going to be incremental at this point.

    The real thing that cripples the iphone is iOS. To paraphrase Josh Topolsky of The Verge: iOS was initially the beautiful and clean unified experience that pushed boundaries, while Android was a big ugly mish mash of nuisance an illogical clutter, but the tables have turned…at least to the point where Android is more powerful, while giving very little trade off in terms of usability (see Nexus 5 with raw android and no bloatware…and Google Now, which is incredible). That doesn’t mean the iphone sucks, it doesn’t, but without some major revisions to ios 7 or the launch of ios 8, this curated, locked model that can’t fathom the idea that you might want to let people choose some of the content on their home screens, is silly. The ease of accessing info on Android is significantly ahead of iOS.

  • moose24ca

    I’d just like clarification on what exactly a “dummy phone” is. Is it a mock-up? Or is it actually something that Apple has created to help it’s supply chain partners (I doubt it)? We see lots of digital “concepts” thrown around, but “dummy” units are a new thing being thrown around.

  • It’s apparently a final physical mockup used by case manufacturers.

  • moose24ca

    Thanks for the reply. Interesting. I’d always thought of Apple as not caring about case manufacturers. I’d think they’d be more interested in secrecy than helping out third party manufacturers who are competing against Apple’s own cases. I can’t imagine they’d undermine themselves to help companies producing TPU and silicone cases. Maybe somebody has worked backward from a case and produced these dummies as a physical mock-up.

  • gerry

    Isn’t that similar to what you see in cellular stores are just the light plastic dummy mock up of the phone?

  • Peter Parker

    I really hope those black glass? Lines on the back and the protruding camera don’t make it into the final design , looks stupid in my opinion