Check Out this ‘iPhone 7 Edge’ Concept with Curved 2K Display [VIDEO]


A new ‘iPhone 7 Edge’ concept by artist SCAVidsHD has imagined the next iPhone featuring a 5.5-inch curved display with 2K resolution, an A10 chip with 4GB RAM, 3500mAh battery, surround sound speakers and a 16MP camera (via iPhoneHacks). The concept device does however look quite similar to the current iPhone 6 / 6s design from the front, with only a few minor design tweaks, including speaker grilles at the top and bottom.

Iphone 7 edge concept

It’s pretty ironic how the designer has taken inspiration from Samsung, the Korean copycat giant who rarely ever designs anything worth copying, for the concept device’s name as well as the curved display for a so-called “more immersive experience”. Fortunately though, the concept keeps the home button with the integrated Touch ID sensor around, unlike some previous iPhone 7 concepts, and also ditches the rear camera hump found on the iPhone 6 / 6s.

Check out the following video and tell us what you think:


  • Tim

    “Fortunately though, the concept keeps the home button with the integrated Touch ID sensor around.”

    Getting rid of the home button makes all the sense in the world if they can integrate it into the screen. You’d have the ability to shave off 3/4 of an inch from the bottom of the phone, allowing for a large display in a smaller form factor.

  • I don’t think Apple will ever have the bezels that small on the side, and they most definitely will not have the Camera in the middle like that either.

    I do however hope from the front like Z2 and Z5 style speakers. The home button could go, with finger print sensor at the bottom 20% of the screen, but that home button is so iconic, I’m not sure if Apple would want to remove it.

    I really want the long overdue glowing Apple logo on the back.

  • SV650

    I’ve used a galaxy S6edge, and the two things which most confound me are the difficulty of picking up the phone from a flat surface due to the rolled edges, and constantly touching the ‘back’ button built into the lower bezel. I’d prefer a phone which is not all touch screen, and is easy to handle.

    Just my nickel’s worth.

  • winnertakesteve

    I’d settle for a 1080 screen on the non-plus model, better battery life and a better weight distribution so you don’t feel like you’re going to drop it all the time. Oh and software that returns the iPhone to 2011 levels of responsiveness, which is to say, much improved.

  • Olley


  • Anon

    It’s easier said than done. The technology for integrating a fingerprint reader on a touch screen hasn’t been engineered yet. Not to mention screen designed around a dedicated home button also hasn’t been invented.

  • geekyaleks

    I don’t think that Apple would ever place the camera in the middle like that..

  • aaloo

    looks ugly