iPhone Sales On Kijiji Experiencing An Enormous Increase Over Past Week


The iPhone 5 public release was yesterday, and that means millions of older model iPhones are being sold or trashed. One specific site benefiting from the situation is Kijiji, Canada’s go-to website when it comes to local classified advertisements. Hot off the heels of the iPhone announcement, they launched an iPhone 5 landing page, in-which resulted in a 90-percent traffic increase.

Along with the traffic increase came over 250,000 iPhone sales within a week’s time. When the iPhone 5 was first announced, Kijiji had sold 19,500 iPhones in 2012, that number has since increased to over 290,000.

Canada NewsWire breaks up the sales:

Torontonians have more than doubled (112 per cent) the number of searches for iPhones on the site, but not to be outdone by Quebeckers (114 per cent); and Winnipeggers (110 per cent) round out the top three.

Just because a new model is released doesn’t mean the senior device doesn’t have a sales market anymore. People who can’t afford the latest and greatest products are the usual suspects to buy older models at a discount.

You can check out the Kijiji landing page here. There you will find information on the iPhone 5 launch, along with pricing for the iPhone 4/4S. I found the ‘live photo stream’ section relatively interesting to observe.

Oh, and if you would like to sell your iPhone, Kijiji will donate $1 to Evergreen for all devices sold over the next 60 days. That’s not half bad; some extra cash, a donation, and one happy customer.


  • I sold mine just a few days before the announcement. Still you may have to reduce your price to find a buyer otherwise you will end up being frustrated at all the low ballers asking to buy your 32 Factory unlocked iPhone 4S for 300$

  • tmac

    sold my 16gb 4s for $450, was unlocked for me by Telus

  • Sold my Rogers white 4S (16GB) for $400 on the Montreal Kijiji. I agree though the low ballers at this time really are annoying!

  • Jer

    I sold my iPhone 4 32GB with all its accessories for $300 today. So awesome.

  • Prat

    Same here, I paid for a premium ad, so I could sell my 16GB iPhone 4s before the announcement. It paid off, I got a buyer who paid me $500, just two days before it was announced. Hearing of 32GB iPhone 4S`s being sold for just $300, I`m very happy I sold it.

  • aRhyno

    sold my 2 year old 4 for 275 lol. kept it mint though and had all original boxes and cables.