iPhone X Puts Samsung’s Galaxy Phones to Shame in OLED Burn-in Test


A 510-hour marathon test run by a South Korean website Cetizen to find out how long it takes to burn in an image on a modern OLED smartphone has revealed that the iPhone X is much more resistant to burn-in than its OLED rivals like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the Galaxy S7 Edge (via CultofMac).

Screen test

For those who aren’t aware, screen burn-in is what happens when images or text become permanently “burned” into a display panel. And while OLED displays are great in many ways, they are notably vulnerable to burn-in. 

The test involved displaying the same image on an iPhone X, a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at full brightness for 510 hours. The devices were then checked at regular intervals to see which suffered burn-in first. After 155 hours, the Galaxy S7 edge suffered some minor scarring, while burn-in was much more prominent on the Galaxy Note 8 after the same period.

On the iPhone X, it took 510 hours to achieve a screen burn-in, which is pretty much impossible for the device to suffer during normal use.


  • Mario Gaucher

    considering that Apple is using samsung panels on the iPhone X, this is impressive… they must be doing something different to reach that 510 hours.

  • Flash

    Most components in an Apple device are specified and designed by Apple and built by others. So while Samsung might be building these displays for Apple, they are as per Apple specs and cannot be used in other products. This is why I hate the argument that Apple just uses other components.

  • Unbiased opinion

    Pointless test. Who leaves their phone on the same image for a week on full brightness.

  • Carrot Extract

    Not trying to hate on Apple but I feel this test is completely pointless unless multiple devices are tested… Not all screens act the same ( look at how some pixel 2 xl screen burned in and others didn’t )

  • Som Person

    What’s the point of this test. To me, apple is just trying to do some pointless test so it can beat samsung

  • iFool

    pro- Apple sites all referencing each other. And why would they not used the galaxy S8 to screen to compare. Latest generation to latest latest generation.
    Apple jury rigged. I wouldn’t give it any credence. This may fool dumb readers who do not question anything they read but not all readers are fooled by sites like BGR, WCCFTECH, BusinessInsider, Engadget, Patently Apple, Cult of Mac

  • NuclearMayhem

    While they could have included the S8 the Note 8 was released after the S8 so technically that makes it the latest generation.

  • skrug

    Could be that the max brightness on the Galaxy are brighter than the max brightness of the iPhone?

  • Riddlemethis

    This test will be added to the arsenal of Apple fanbois. Other than that, I agree the test is pointless.

  • Chris

    So what I’m getting from this is that Apple must be paying Samsung a lot for those OLED screens, because clearly they’re not giving Apple their second rate screens.

  • rockdude094

    Samsung made the OLED panel of the X what is this article getting at ?

  • Julian Burrows

    Completely useless test the iPhone x screen is also not as bright as note 8 or edge plus it’s an iPhone so it’s garbage anyways 🙂

  • Ned K.

    X has half the brightness in comparison with Note 8. You call this Apple’s technology? If you call this a technology, it is Samsung’s. Shame on Apple not making its own factories and always outsourcing to save $$$.

  • Chrome262

    Correct, also, chipsets are different, graphic processing Is different. Power management and batteries are different (and Samsung already has issues with that). and OS is different. Android is as efficient with hardware as IOS is, mainly because of the many hardware configs it has to deal wit, windows had the same issue.

  • Nyk0n

    What part of “South Korean website Cetizen” tells you Apple did this testing?