Share: Wins the 2011 Canadian Blog Award for ‘Best Tech Blog’


Just a quick update for those wondering–you helped us win the 2011 Canadian Blog Award in the category for ‘Best Science and Technology Blog’. Even though we posted about the final voting period two weeks after it started, the power of the community pulled through.

The first round of voting took place last November, and the the final round results were posted a few days ago. Thanks for the support everyone–we finally received our nifty little badge. 🙂

Thanks for the email Keith!


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  • WiredLasVegas

    Congratulations, well deserved, my favorite Canadian tech news site.

  • Yay! Well deserved!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats!!!!!,i’am super happy for you guys,keep up the hard work :)believe it or not,this is the only Canadian blog I follow in Canada,I love it,congrats again,i agreed with the last comment,well deserved indeed :).

  • Anonymous

    Nice work!

  • Wynncymanalad

    Congratulations Gary!! More Power!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Gary. All the hard work is paying off!

  • Well deserved Gary & company!!

  • Thanks everyone–you all rock! 🙂