It’s out! iOS 4.2 to be released today, with…


Apple has formally annouced that iOS 4.2 will be released today – November 22, 2010 – at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM for us Toronto dwellers!) and collaborated by tech-site Gizmodo.

Multi-tasking, folders, printing from the iPad (not sure what’s happening with this truthfully) and more will bring all iOS platforms to the same level, finally!

Oh…one more thing!

Apparently my post over the weekend wasn’t too far off: Find my iPhone is being included for free! Personally I’d still like to see OTA sync but a step in the right direction.

Fire up your iTunes boys – we got some updating to do!

The Find My iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch) feature is now free to use without a MobileMeâ„  subscription and helps you locate your missing device.* The Find My iPhone app is a free download on the App Storeâ„  and lets users easily locate a missing device on a map and have it display a message or play a sound. Users can even remotely lock or wipe data from a lost device to protect privacy.

[Gizmodo, Apple]


  • socrdiva11

    Woooo!!! Love that find my iphone is going to be included…now i just have to wait til 1pm 🙁

  • Joe

    Can anyone verify whether or not I will be able to update my iPhone using someone elses computer/iTunes? Will I be able to retain my music and apps?

    My computer is on the fritz, so I don’t have access to my own iTunes or library at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    So how does that feature work exactly?? Do u need a Mac for It to work??

  • Anonymous

    Am personally only excited for keyword searches on safari… That feature’s still coming out in this update. Isn’t it??

  • Booo, my prediction was 5 days late

  • theDonald

    Trawna???? Wers dat?

  • Re:Printing – It looks like they’ve limited printing to only HP printers that they’re sure they could get to work. There are hacks for enabling printing to any printer shared over Bonjour that you can easily install.

  • You can back up your apps on their computer, but your music will not be backed up on their computer. Then when you update, you lose all your data that is not backed up. You’ll have to sync with your own computer to get your music back.
    Someone correct me if Im wrong… but Im 99% sure music doens’t get backed up because music doesn’t transfer from iPod/iPhone to computer during a back up, but apps do when “Transfer Purchases” is selected.

  • This feature will be in 4.2, yes. It works by typing something into the “Search” bar, which used to be the Google Search bar. Once your input is typed you’ll be prompted to search in page or in a search engine.

  • Chilicheeseburrito

    Collaborated? I think you meant corroborated.

  • meteokid

    Anything for the 3G?
    Is it getting back its pre iOS4 responsiveness?
    Is it getting back its WiFi (missing for many 3G users after upgrade to iOS4)?

  • Wuju

    So as usual, we hold off till the jailbreak is available. Any idea when?

  • Aloombox

    and girls too please? Thank you very much!

  • so77

    Find Iphone App needs to be upgrade to version 1.1, which does not appear to be live in the app store right now

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve been told, it should be another improvement, but that’s what they said with the last update and it did nearly jack shit.

  • Yes, please! When did this become a boy’s forum? LOL

  • Ari

    Complete b.s cuz I paid $99 primarly to use FindMyiPhone, and now it’s free.

  • Anonymous

    Transfer Purchases transfers anything you’ve purchased on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad to your iTunes, regardless of what type of content it is. It’ll transfer music, apps, videos and books. (Those are all the things you can purchase no?)

  • Anonymous

    You access the utility through a webpage and track it through that. I think you can even use a friend’s iPhone’s Find my iPhone app to find your own phone!

  • Anonymous

    I got a question. On my iPhone 4, I currently have iOS 4.2 GM. Any idea if the build will be the same? Is it going to be 4.2.1? I just don’t know if I’ll be able to update because I have 4.2 already. Lol. Any ideas my friends?

  • Kerry

    Apple just auto renewed my mobile me account for $99. Of course I never used it and forgot I even had it. Call visa to complain.

  • so77

    Find My iPhone 1.1 now live in the app store

  • Anonymous

    Your GM edition should be fine. iTunes will let you know if you need to update once 4.2 feeds out to everyone. I’m using it on my iPad and the free MobileMe account registered just fine on my iPad using my Gmail account. My iPhone running 4.1 still wants me to setup a paid MobileMe account. I can’t do that until the jailbreak for the new OS 4.2 is out.

  • Robbie35

    So those that paid for the MobileMe can ask for their money back now I guess

  • Derrick Rockwell

    W00t! Thanks Apple for this one!

  • Anonymous

    Ok its 10 am. Where is our update? Anyone have it yet here in Vancouver?

    Ok it’s here.

  • Jenksjordan

    There is no update and its past 1:00pm

  • Andrew

    Just got out on iTunes.

  • Andrew

    Just got out on iTunes.

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Has this been released yet? Reason I am asking is I am currently running 4.2.1GM on my iPhone and Update isn’t showing me anything yet.

  • Bob D

    It’s not showing up on iTunes for me.

  • Philippe Laramee

    Applying update as we speak…

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  • Philippe Laramee

    Yes you caan update from a different computer. Just set itujnes so it doesn’t sync anything. When updating you’ll be asked to backup, say yes and voilà. It worked perfectly fine updating to 4.2.1 from work where I had just installed iTunes. And everything was still in my phone after the update.

  • Murman

    Oops! My apologies…girls too! 😉

  • Padremm

    But my iphone 4 is jailbroken, I didn’t hear that there is a update yet. Shouldn’t we wait?