Microsoft & Nokia Begin Anti-iPhone Campaign [VIDEOS]


Samsung was the first to start anti-apple commercials, posting a series of ads (see here and here) which poked fun at the iPhone owners. In February, it again aired a complete anti-Apple commercial during the Super Bowl which attacked iPhone users waiting in line. Now, its Nokia and Microsoft’s turn to go after iPhone and Android owners with its new campaign starring former Saturday Night Live star Chris Parnell (via 9to5Mac).

As the source notes:

“While the “beta” name certainly rings Android devices, it seems that Nokia is hitting at iPhone owners too. It even resurrect the old death grip issue and more..”

Take a look at the following videos:


Death Grip:


Nagging Suspicion:


  • Definingsound

    The saddest part is that somewhere, in a room of focus group subjects, there were even worse ideas for this marketing effort that did not make the cut. And all these are terrible. With whom are the viewers intended to identify with?

  • DoctorT

    I find it funny that they would rather attack the faults (that mostly don’t even exist right now) of the iPhone, rather than actual using that money to making their own product better,  or just actually promoting it.
    ugh.. Most of the Vids even say “2007” (all except the antennagate one), when the very first iPhone came out!! 5 Years ago! They are trying to promote their products by bashing a 5 year old phone!! 

  • Edge

    Wow, these ads are terrible. I could create these at home for $5 (bad acting included). I agree, why go negative rather than actually trying to improve your own product. No one phone is perfect, but Apple has led the way, everyone else is following. If we can’t be creative, we’ll be negative???

  • Vikram Kalsi

    Another failed attempt to dethrone the king of phones. Come with a better product that doesn’t have 56 different versions. Make one that suits most people and maybe you’ll have something.