Mophie Juice Pack Boost Review & Giveaway


I have to admit, I’m a fan of Mophie Products. I’d used a Juice Pack Case for my 2G right up until I upgraded to the 4 this year. As we are all sadly aware, getting accessories out quick enough for the iPhone 4 was a bit taxing on accessories makers this year, but luckily Mophie was on top of their game and put out two mobile charging options relatively quickly.

Given that they just (finally!) launched the full iPhone 4 Juice Pack Air Case – I think it would be a fitting time to let our readers know about my experience with the Juice Pack Boost and to give it away to someone who really wants it.

Firstly, if you’re used to using a mobile charging case like I was, where your extra battery fits snugly around your iDevice, than the Boost might take a bit of getting used to as a second battery pack. However, it’s super useful and fast. While you might want to avoid talking on the phone while it’s attached, it certainly fits well while charging in your purse, bag, backpack or whatever.

I used it mostly over the 2010 Toronto Film Festival, where I was out of the house nearly 10hrs each day, using my iPhone nearly every minute I wasn’t actually watching a film. I’d use it in line, between movies, on the commute in, and back each day. Between the regular surfing and using MyWi (for my iPad), I was draining the battery amazingly fast. So the boost really came to my rescue.

When my battery was getting low, I’d pop on the battery pack just before going into a flick, and by the time I came out, my iPhone was charged again. Brilliant. While, I feel the time it takes to charge the boost itself seems longer than the time to charge the phone, having both charged when you leave for a 10hr day is your best bet to get the most out of this extra battery pack.

Check out the several battery options for the iPhone 4 from Mophie. The Boost is $59.95 USD + Shipping, while they do have a more cost effective option, the ‘Reserve’ for $39.95 + Shipping. The Juice Pack Air (case) is out now too, and I’ll definitely update you about my experiences with it once I get it, and have a chance to test it out.

If you want to win the Juice Pack Boost I’ve been using – go ahead and either comment below – just let me know why you need one! Contest is open until Midnight ET on Wednesday October 27th!

My followers on twitter know they’ll always get an extra chance to win, so you might want to be one of them.

Good Luck to Everyone!

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  • Anonymous

    Yea, I could definitely use one as both I and my wife drain our batteries while we’re out and having a recharge on hand would be great!

  • TK


    Would like to have for phone so as to be available 24/7… thinking at anytime could get one of those “we would like to know how we are doing” calls from Rogers Wireless. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • Bryan

    The original Mophie Juice Pack got me through long days out and about during the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver รขโ‚ฌโ€ร‚ย it was a life saver! Since moving to an iPhone 4, I’ve noticed the battery is better, but Boost would be a very handy thing to have. Thanks for offering it up for this contest!

  • Ih8reno

    I would love one, I have no landline and my iPhone is my agenda, phone, source of Internet, and essentially my only means of communication. If the battery dies on me out of my apartment I’m cut off from the world.

  • frankie chan

    It would be great to have it on the go and not have to search for an outlet / USB to plug my phone into. Nice and portable!

  • Yvrbcbudz

    I’d love the juice pack boost because I’m never always around a place to charge my phone and since getting my ipad and MyWi my phone doesn’t make it thru the day

  • Imperfect

    I have a fair amount of Apps/Games and I’m always concered about battery life; refraining from opening up certain Apps/Games. This would alleviate a great deal of stress for me. Do the right thing and send it this way! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jeff

    My iphone 4 seems to always run out of juice and this would be perfect for me! Just got too many things running in the background such as skype, msn, games, etc.

  • Joel

    Looking for a charging solution for my iphone 4 while on the road.

  • TK


    please help, received that call but they just said effective Dec 1 a new fee per full cycle use of the phones internal battery will take effect !!


  • James

    Looking to get this exact product for when I’m out of town at Conventions. On a good day by the end of lunch I’m pretty close to dead. Pop this thing in during a panel and I should be good to go till I get back to the hotel.

  • Hackeneye

    Please pick me. I use my phone for my job and my lighter charger stopped working today. I need this so badly and I’ve never won anything in my life. Not even a scratch ticket…

  • Jay

    Selfishly and family wise would love one. I am always streaming music in my class for my students in hopes of introducing them to better music, thank you KCRW, and to avoid the same station everyday. So when I get home, my battery is always drained and my kids love playing their matching games and reading a dr. Seuss book b4 dinner. Regardless thanks for the chance!!

  • Adrian

    I need one cause I watch a lot of movies and play a lot of games on my iPhone. My phone dies in the middle of the day and I can’t recharge it

  • There is cheaper and better cases .. Ive dealt with there Mophie CS on a number of occasions , there return policy is bizarre and snail paced slow .. Ive Bought a Mophie Air and a Mophie Juice Pack Air .. several times .. will never purchase there devices ..

  • Colinmcbride2000

    I work as a parole officer. Most of the time i am travelling around all day doing my checkins, which means I don’t have anywhere to charge my phone(I use public transit as much as possible…almost exclusively).

    Maintaining a charge in the phone is crucial for my personal safety. Having the mophie would get rid of this issue, as when my battery starting getting low I could just connect it. Switching back to driving my car just so I can keep my cell charged seems a little rediculous.

    Winning the Mophie would be a great!

  • iGuy

    I need one because when I’m deployed in the field or on a ship (I’m in the Canadian Forces) there isn’t always a 115VAC power outlet available and my iPhone often dies ๐Ÿ™ I like to catalog my trips too and my iPhone is my primary camera that I use.

  • I would need one since I’m NEVER home and need a charge on the go for either my iPhone4 or my girlfriend’s iPhone3G

  • Cottageboy

    I need one of these units because I am always playing dj on my iPhone and most times Im at someone elses house, plugged into my headphone jack. Just as the party gets going I run out of juice and don’t have a power cord. For the love of god and the intrest of all party music fans…

  • DanyO

    I need a Juice Pack bad!

    My new iPhone 4 simply doesn’t have enough power to play Angry Birds all day long! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Weebsurfer

    “Words with Friends” convinced me to activate notifications… Now I’m desperate for more battery life!!!
    Thanks for another cool contest!

  • _the_Sicilian_

    I need a juice pack air for my i4 at work for all the over use I do when using facetime with my son over seas!

  • Sleemans24

    I’d love the juice pack for my iPhone 4, as I’m often away from home for extended periods.


  • I bought the Mophie Juice Pack Air for iPhone4. Their products seem to be pretty on point.
    If i am chosen to win this Mophie boost, I would give it to my wife. ^_~.

  • Anonymous

    I need one because I am accustomed to having extra battery. Before I got the 4, I had one on my 3G, but the old one won’t fit the new form factor.

  • Glenys

    Will be doing a lot of long-distance flying in December. The Mophie Juice Pack Boost would be a perfect accessory for my iPhone 4. I’ll be using the iPhone for listening to music, reading ebooks and watching movies, and maybe the odd game or two. Enjoy your posts, Chantelle!

  • Joel Deleon

    Cool stuff … Got a 3GS version of their case, I want this for an extra juice for my iPhone 4

  • Hekeli

    Working as a paramedic has me working 12 hour shifts and often not to much down time to get to a plug in. With the use of the Tom-tom GPS app and Google maps for location finding, and the odd game and facetime, the 12 hours could go through quite a bit of battery and this boost would be of great use to me. Thanks for the contests.

  • ML

    You call this a review? Not a single word about performance, charge time, mAh and other technical information. Call this a “personal experience review”, not a produce review.

  • Niker23

    This juice pack would definitely help when I’m scrambling to locate an outlet for a charge while I’m out with my kids. No longer will i have to cut videos of my kids short. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Mikechowns

    I’d love one so I can tweet more and play angry birds longer!!

  • Andrew

    I would love this thing as I find my iPhone battery never seems to last and I always need to find a plug at an inconvenient time.

  • Albert Amato

    This would be great for those days when I’m stuck in the subway and realize I will be powerless and stuck
    underground! Having extra juice to watching a movie or listening to music would save my sanity! Really!!!!

  • Albert Amato

    This would be great for those days when I’m stuck in the subway and realize I will be powerless and stuck
    underground! Having extra juice to watching a movie or listening to music would save my sanity! Really!!!!

  • Kaitlyn

    This would be awesomely useful for travel. I use my iPhone so much that I have to plug it in mid day at home, and on the road I’m always running out.

  • Jason

    Just got my new iPhone 4 and didn’t realize how frequently it needs to be recharged (compared to my iPod Touch 3G). This would be pretty nifty went I’m out and about and don’t have a computer/USB port nearby.

  • Shierkahn3

    More than once ive been stuck out and about with a dead iPhone in my pocket. It’d be great to have an option for juice on the go!

  • Martinmo1970

    My job leaves me needing a mophie. I am out in the field all day with no battery power towards the end of the day. Partly because of Rogers spotty coverage in my area.

  • Lubitz99

    I would love a boogie juice pack! Since I work extra long days at a petting zoo. Between taking care of the animals I love to sit back relax and play some games. Also I need some more battery life because I am constanly taking pictures and videos of the hilarious things that the animals do!!!

  • qzilver

    This would be awesome for me because I am at university all day long and I’ll be using my iphone during the break a lot and by the end of the day I have to be careful not drain it all, but with this I won’t have to worry anymore

  • Pokdej

    I would like a Mophie Juice Pack because I work in the film industry. That means a minimum of 15hour days, and with all the down time I have, I spend it on my phone and use up the battery before the end of my day.

  • I’d love this to be able to use while travelling! I often find myself on 4-5 hour plus flights and end up at my destination with only 15% battery left! It just looks so slick while be functional at the same time!

    ps. It’s worth even more now that Chantelle has used it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Cj217

    Just as you do I use my iPad and mywi on the phone. I had a boost pack for my old iPhone and loved. This would make a huge difference in my day as I have to charge my phone throughout the day so I do not run out before I get back home from using the iPad and myfi.

  • Kris

    Sounds awesome! I would like one since I spend so much of my day on transit and it would really help me out in thos times when the battery is low

  • Justin dhesi

    This would be a great accessory for me to have because i’m a college student and my phone battery always dies before the end of the day, if i don’t turn off my iphone for a couple hours to preserve the battery. I take the bus home and i can rarely listen to my songs/browse the net because my phone is always dead or close to it.

  • Cshupe2

    i think i should win it cuz its my bday on Oct 28th!!!

  • Threeonthetree

    I should have one because my battery only lasts half a day from netflix streaming

  • Serge

    I’m a big fan of the outdoor life and The Mophie Juice Pack Boost would be a perfect accessory for my iPhone !! Thanks Chantelle.

  • SG

    I want one to extend the battery life of my iPhone. Thanks.

  • crucif3x

    I’m a student and use my iPhone 4 on 3G all the time with MyWi in places with no internet connection. I also commute weekly back home and after a long day, my iPhone 4 battery doesn’t tend to last the whole trip home. A Mophie Juice Pack would be amazing and definitely help in those times where the iPhone 4 battery is just pooped out. As a student, my iPhone connects me to everything and when the iPhone dies out… it kinda feels like I’m disconnected to the whole world… ๐Ÿ™ sad but true. My iPhone is my centre for media, friends and entertainment. The Morphie Juice Pack would be great to extend it! Thanks for holding this contest!

  • Looks like it could be helpful.

  • Sophie

    I would love a Juice Pack Boost. It would be helpful for long flights and road trips where I’m using my iPhone constantly but don’t have a way to charge it.

  • Felix

    Id appreciate getting this because I am always traveling and its inconvenient to find places to charge my iphone =(

  • Gottagetthat

    I’m constantly chasing down the elusive power adaptor for my iPhone! I use it all day for work, and I have to charge it at least twice EVERYDAY! I’ve use the Morphie pack for my 3GS, and I LOVED it!

  • Braiden1995

    Would love one . The battery on ma iPhone sucks ๐Ÿ™

  • djpech

    The boost would be great!! Thanks for the review.. if I don’t win this one – i will prob shell out the moola to get one..

    tks for the great review

  • Laurent L

    i had the mophie juice air for the iphone 3GS and i was super excited when it was finally available. My experience was sub-par since the case only charged my 3GS to about 60% at best. The cheap plastic-y feeling, the added bulk and the ugly design really turned me off the product a month into owning it. The new air case for iphone4 looks very slick and thinner than its 3GS counterpart. The design looks great and id be really excited to try it again since an iphone power user like myself finds my iphone battery dying before the day comes to an end. I attend the university of toronto and its just a pain to find an electrical outlet in any given lecture hall. I end up carrying a dead iphone which cant record my lectures for my latter classes ๐Ÿ™ Id love to give the mophie product another chance!

  • Derka181

    I love the mophie product. I am thinking about getting this one. For my 3GS I used the rocketfish case charger. It was an awesome product to.

  • James

    I would like to have a Juice Pack Boost because I used to use a juice pack air for my 3g but since upgrading to a 4 it was rendered useless to me. I spend most of my day away from a power socket so a Juice Pack Boost would help me get though the day greatly. Also October 27th is my birthday and it would make a great present :3

  • Battery looker

    I’m sick and tired of not being able to be reached at when my phone runs out of battery in the middle of the day.

  • Jroberts Drummer

    I’d love to won this. Even though my iPhone 4 battery is better than my old 3G, I still find myself running out of battery before I’d like to.

  • Singing4_life

    This battery pack would definitely help me out when I’m on the road all day. I’d love to win it!

  • Humble

    This looks wicked. Could totally use one on vacation.

  • i need one of these so i don’t have to plug in my phone after playing 6 hours straight of “Game Dev Story”! lol

  • Greg

    I’m walker courier, constantly on the run (or walk), could use one of those….

  • Anonymous

    i would love to have it cause i need to watch video and stuffs cause of my work and i dont have any power around me duringnthe day and videos takes a lot of juice om battery

  • J Warwani

    I’d love to have one for my 4 hours of commute every day.

  • Dirt_squirrel

    This charger would be the best thing to have with me as I am away from a charging solution for over half my day. As a constant user of my iPhone 4 the extra battery life would be very beneficial since by the time I get home a charge is required immediately, and often times it will already be dead.
    Please hook me up guys, this would be a life-saver for me!!

  • omgmewant

    I want this coz my skool has NO outlets anywhere so when my iphone dies im scrwed

  • Philip

    I need one! My battery is always dying!

  • Philip

    I need one! My battery is always dying!

  • Philip

    I need one! My battery is always dying!

  • Jtabula5

    I need one because my phone dies SO fast! I’m on my phone almost 24/7 (the hours I’m awake) and I find myself struggling to somehow save my battery in the afternoon so that I can call my mom to pick me up! (Lame I know)

  • Tshalapay

    I need one as sometimes I dont have time to charge my phone between fire calls

  • Suman K

    I’m at school 12 hours a day for 3 days a week. And that’s not including commuting time! I could really use the juice pack for when my battery is about to die and I’m in dire need of entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Brock

    I need one because I am always on the go with my iPhone and often run out of battery before I can charge again!

  • your dad

    my dad used to tell me, “if you don’t have something nice to say, fuck off.”

  • Cheeks

    I mostly work out clients offices, and it’s always a little embarrassing when I have to plug my phone into the wall, or have it charging via USB attached to my laptop. A juice pack would be very handy.

  • Cheeks

    I mostly work out clients offices, and it’s always a little embarrassing when I have to plug my phone into the wall, or have it charging via USB attached to my laptop. A juice pack would be very handy.

  • Jose

    I would like this because I’m training my new iPhone to use the most of its battery so it dies at the worst time and it would be handy on those long road trips

  • Halirob

    Long bus rides, could definitely use the juice pack

  • Alejandro

    I’d be really happy if you sent this out to me!
    I lost my home charger, and my UBS cable. I have no extra money to go to the apple store and buy any kind of charger. I’m tired of always having to ask a friend to charge my phone for me.
    This would be much appreciated!

  • fery

    Im a student and i need a long battery life this would be great for me

  • ThatMacfie

    Ah! I need this right away! I’m a student and this year my classes are all ridiculously easy so, I end up spending time playing games and surfing the web on my iPhone during class time! My battery is usually dead before the school day is even over. I desperately need this to be able to make it through the school day and still have my battery charged for after school fun!

  • Kevin

    i’m always running out of power before the end of the day.. this will definately be useful for a midday quick charge

  • FadyA

    Omg I sooooo need this, I’m a med school student doing rotations and there is litterly never a chance to recharge my phone this would make my life so much easier!

  • Matt

    I would love the morphie juice pack because then I would be able to enjoy using my iPhone 4 with no worries, instead of constantly monitoring my usage because I am afraid that my iPhone might die.

  • Mvmesina

    I would like to have this because I work 12 hours shift as an EMD and this would come in handy cause we dont have charger on the truck

  • Tam968

    I’d definitely can make use of one due to the fact that I’m consistent out and about, and not always near a outlet or a car charger… It’ll be great to have to keep the iPhone going….

  • Martinjieyao

    I am usually not the kinda internet troll guy but … this review does lack of technical infos that I was wanting to see …

  • I always forget to charge my iPhone, this’d be the bomb.

  • Glo2l

    oh i loved the mophie juice pak for my 3g and 3gs just sold it recently as it doesn’t fit the iphone4, I would oh so love to win this mainly coz my lighter does not work in my car, so i can’t charge my phone that way. Having this as a backup when im out would be so perfect. luck, luck luck my way.

  • Calgary

    My girlfriend chargers her iphone 2-4 times a day. she uses it a lot! im serious, its always charging (no the battery isnt wore out yet, its only 3 months old) but she does use it day and night. Would love to win this for her.

    Thank you very much

  • Morse

    It always good to have a backup plan.

  • Peter

    I would love to have this. The school drain the battery while busing.

    Thank you.

  • Tgee88

    I suffer from the same problem. It justdoesn’ t last long enough. Would love to win it!

  • Holly

    Always handy to have more juice for the iPhone 4!

  • ML

    Your mom should have taught you that truth sometimes hurts. Apparenty you also have no clue what a review should look like. Go cry in a corner. I hope the author improves in her next post.

  • I’d love to have one for when i’m away for the weekend.

  • Hardev

    I really need to have this because I need to ensure my cell is on at all times for work… If I don’t have my phone I can potentially lose clients for our sales teams by not being there to support them.

  • Edge

    I have an iPhone 4 and am constantly out for the entire day (like 7 til midnight) and even with regular usage (and yep, MyWi use for the iPad and sometime’s my wife’s iPhone with no data plan), it’s easy to run out. This would be a great addition that we’d both love (and I love having a happy wife!!!!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I could definitely benefit from such an amazing accessory. My iPhone 4 has become one of my main work tool and I use it for it lot throughout the day! My office has bad cell towers reception and there are no WIFI access points. As such, my iPhone works hard trying to find and maintain a connection. I cannot make it through a day with the type of usage I have. Being able to extend the autonomy would be the best gift!

  • Zendad

    Pick Me Pick Me!

  • Mike

    There is nothing worse than being nowhere near an outlet and having “20% Battery Remaining” pop up on your display.

    This battery pack means I don’t have to turn my brightness all the way down, step down to 2G, turn off bluetooth and location, and stop push notifications just to squeeze out as much extra time as I can before battery death.

  • Anonymous

    That is something that I have not got around to getting yet so it would be amazing to win. I am always running short at the end of the work day with my battery, so it leaves me watching how I use my iPhone till I get back to do a recharge.
    So winning this would be awesome!!

  • Knife Doctor

    i’d like one please – i work 30 hour call shifts in the hospital and there’s no way the iphone4 lasts as long as that

  • nuurban

    I could use one… always running out of power. ๐Ÿ™

  • JDJ

    I always need some juice for my phone.

  • ReyT

    ‘Purchased my iPhone 4 and I’m always on it on a 20-hr basis, so I grab every opportunity to plug it in to charge (at home, at work, in the car, at a friend’s house, at the clinic while waiting for my name to be called, etc), and I get frustrated at times when I need it, and then I see the 20% battery warning come up. The Mophie Juice Pack Boost will definitely be a welcome companion for me — light, elegant, and a sure charge!

  • BarelyHangingOn

    My iPhone was my first purchase of an Apple product. I purchased not only for it’s cell phone but to stream music on the go, to use as a GPS system for golf, to take pictures and movies and play games and run other apps.

    I am constantly running out of battery juice. I bought several battery packs online or from electronic stores and sadly none of them work effectively.

    I would love to get an iPhone 4 Juice Pack Air Case as everything I have read speaks positively about their reliablity and durability. I am the worse golfer on the “d” tour and need the battery to my awful game rise to the level of beater.

  • Noreallyitsme

    Oh my golly I would just love to win this so I can use my new iPhone even more when I’m out and about all day. Sweet giveaway I freekin live this site!

  • Shamus

    I watch a lot of video podcasts.

  • KB

    I work in film and television production. Ever since I found the iphoneincanada website, I’ve made it a touchstone for a variety of decision makers on how to get hooked up in Canada! You’re brilliant!
    That said, I work LONG LONG hours in remote locations on set and not an outlet in site sometimes which can cause some real “drama”. I’d love the opportunity to work with a Mophie Juice Pack and tell everyone where I got mine from…! Crossing my fingers and toes you pick me cause “you like me…you really like me!!” LOL!

  • KB

    Ooops…iphoneincanada.CA not .com! It’s all in the details so gotta get it right to win, right?

  • jcretlaw12

    This would be great for watching all the movies I have on my phone

  • Mjd22

    Because I have a mophie for my iphone 3gs and it doesn’t fit my iphone 4. I can never go back to plugging my phone into the wall like a sucker…. NEVER! Also I am too cheap to buy another one.

  • Koiril

    I would finally be able to last an entire day with my phone on!

  • Darko

    I would love to win this. It would be great for when I am on the road and have no option to charge my iPhone.

  • Scarymon

    We are traveling to China in January with my 2 daughters to take them back for a visit to the country where they were born. The plan trip is long (16 hours plus) and I will be using my iPhone and their iPod to try to keep them entertained. Extra battery power would definitely come in handy to avoid at least some of the tears.

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  • Anonymous

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