More Than 5 Million Beatles Songs Sold in iTunes


After years of courting and flirting, The Beatles finally landed in iTunes. Apple setup some hoopla involving a “day we’d never forget”. That day has come and gone. The Loop was contacted by Apple and revealed Beatles iTunes music sales have been spectacular worldwide.

Apple has informed The Loop that the iTunes Store recently exceeded 5 millions Beatles songs and 1 million Beatles albums sold worldwide. “Abbey Road” is the current best-selling Beatles album in the U.S., while “Here Comes the Sun” is the currently best-selling Beatles song.

The pace of sales has diminished since the Beatles’ catalog first came to iTunes, however. Apple and EMI announced a week after the Beatles’ music was released on iTunes that 2 million songs and 450,000 albums had been purchased.

When Apple announces their 2011 first quarter earnings on January 18th, you can bet they’ll throw in some more information about iTunes and The Beatles music sales.

Have you purchased any Beatles songs/albums in iTunes?

[The Loop]


  • PDS

    I bought Rubber Soul on LP, then again on 8 Track, then again on Cassette, once more on CD and I’ll be damned if I buy another version off iTunes.

  • I can’t believe there are that many people who still listen to Beatles lol

  • whats going on? did all the parents, and grand parents snatch their kids ipods? lol

  • Guest

    In regards to the question: Have you purchased any Beatles songs/albums in iTunes?

    No, and why would I when there are other means to get music nowadays…