Motorola Jabs Apple About Flash In NYT Advertisement


This week, a new advertisement has been found where Motorola is seen taking a jab at Apple about the lack of flash on the iPhone.

The full page advertisement, found in the New York Times, reads:

“Flash Websites? There’s a phone for that. Introducing the new Droid 2 by Motorola.”

For people not into Apple, the wording of the ad may seem odd. However, for any Apple fans, we all know that the slogan is a play on Apple’s “There’s an app for that” for the App Store.

The advertisement highlights that Adobe’s Flash is available on the Droid 2 (and other Android devices) and is lacking on iDevices. As many users know, Apple has chosen to not support Flash on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The Motorola advertisement is also not the first ad by Moto taking a hit at Apple. Previous Motorola advertisements that have taken a jab at Apple had to do with the iPhone 4 antenna problems and the free case program.



  • Guest

    Looks like a boxy piece of shit.

  • Zanteogo

    The lack of flash is the biggest down fall of the Iphone if you ask me.

    If the phones with flash suport can catch up in the many other areas the iphone is better in…

  • Running Flash websites Draining your battery to fast? Theres a charger for that. lol
    Time for Mophie or Dexim to cash in as well 😛

  • More and more websites are switching over to HTML 5. Hopfully this wont bug you for much longer.
    if you jailbreak your phone you can use Frash to get Flash on your iphone too if you REALLY need it.
    its been countless times that flash has crashed my safari browser, and Flash has proven to be heavy on the battery (so Apple says)

  • BM

    Check out this letter written by Steve Jobs: He explains that Adobe Flash was made to be cross platform, meaning that it works on all types of phones (Blackberry, Palm, Nokia, Android, Apple, etc.). If Apple adopts Flash, they will be allowing developers to create flash games and apps for the iPhone. The problem with this is that Adobe must then update Flash to work with all of the new innovations Apple puts into its devices. Adobe is not likely to do this as the innovations are not present in the other phones, so they would be updating their software for only one of the many different devices available, not worth their time.

  • TeenWolf

    I don’t really notice the lack of flash on the iPhone. I find it more of an annoyance on the iPad. Since the iPhone navigates to “mobile” sites more often, it’s a non issue

  • Dan C

    I’m an apple fan boy no doubt about it. But I feel that its only a matter of time before android devices catch up to the iphone.

    I think apple has 1 more phone before we all jump ship.

    These android phones are becoming better and better. Most of there software is free too.

  • Noahattic

    i like it! well play, moto. you know, to treat companies like apple, you have to keep jabbing them and push them to offer a good deal.

    if there was no competition in the smartphone martket, i couldnt imagine what iphone 4 would look like. maybe the same design to iphone 3g, and still runing 600mhz cpu, 256mhz with a better resolution screen. sounds lame!

  • jdinner

    Now they can ‘punch the monkey’ in those annoying ads. Flash is almost dead. It will soon as exciting as flaming comic sans text on a webpage.

  • Sure I’ll give up the best screen ever built in a phone, my 12 hour battery life, insane speed, 500,000+ apps, an amazing camera, HD recording, amazing reception (despite rumors) and beautiful design all for flash capabilities. Gee Motorola.. you got me on that one!

  • Anonymous

    I can currently view most websites fine on my iPhone.
    Those that I can’t… Well I go to another site to get that same information.
    This wasn’t possible 2yrs ago when pretty much all the sites I visited had flash.

    Flash is going down the drain. Enjoy it while you can Motorola!

  • Maybe some will. Droid Releases more phones because they have a union of more Companies behind them.
    They do get better slowly step by step. But on the other side Apple is know for Large upgrades. look at the leap from 3Gs to i4. I think Apples (3 Step Foward) every year will be enough to keep androids at bay.

  • Anonymous

    > But on the other side Apple is know for Large upgrades. look at the leap from 3Gs to i4.

    Not really. This is the first major upgrade since the 1st gen (form factor, display, hardware etc). Look at previous upgrade like from 3G to 3GS, it is mostly a evolutionary yearly update with faster processor etc. And as Apple is restricted to only one update per year as opposed to practically new Android phones every month, being overtaken is not inconceivable.

    Of course, Apple’s main advantage is the large loyal fan base. Just look at the response in this thread.

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure why people are equating HTML 5 with Flash. HTML 5 is good for video, but Flash is much more than that. Having Flash in the iPhone would cause Steve to lose its grip on where you can get your apps and software. And Steve does not want that. This is a purely business decision to reject flash – all those technical reasons are just a smoke screen to fend off any possibility of anti-trust issues.

  • its good that Android has so many upgraded devices every month or two. but what Androids downfall is with so many updates and changes, i have read, and seen many people say “Eww.. it looks like a square, or just looks bad in general” i know not everyone is going to think apple is perfect either. i do not close my eyes when it comes to other phones, but i liked the idea that 3g kept th same design as 3Gs. It allowed our accessories to carry over ( and i had a lot lol ) Keeping the same design and just upgrading the hardware inside in my mind is brilliant , keeping that look all the loyal fans know and love.

    I dunno. i do admit Androids are looking better n better. I used the Galaxy S. and it just seemed sluggish to me.
    it all really depends on what your looking for in a phone i guess. ^_^

  • The websites i know that have switched from flash to HTML load so much faster, and dont crash my browser lol. on a personal experience i have to favor HTML 5. Business or not i dont care, it works better for my needs ^_~.
    in the end thats all that matters to the end user

  • Anonymous

    Now now… at least they included a step to get to the top of that box.

  • Haha I like that 😛