Netflix ISP Speed Index for January Sees “Much Movement” in Canada’s Rankings [PIC]


Netflix has released their monthly ISP speed index and for January 2015, the Canadian rankings saw “much movement” according to the company, with Shaw seeing a drop of a couple spots, while SaskTel rose two spots to number four:

There was much movement in Canada’s January rankings, with Shaw dropping two spots to No. 6 with an average speed of 3.34 Mbps and SaskTel rising two spots to No. 4 with an average speed of 3.35 Mbps. TekSavvy also fell, coming in No. 13 with an average speed of 2.91 Mbps.

The full rankings are pictured below, which also saw TELUS and Bell’s DSL service jump up one spot:

Netflix isp january

Shaw hiked their Internet prices at the start of this year which caused consumer groups such as fear the ‘Big 3’ could follow, saying “Make no mistake: if Shaw gets away with this, others like Bell, Rogers, and Telus will soon follow.”

Last month, Netflix announced it had reached 57 million users worldwide. Meanwhile, the service launched today in Cuba, part of the company’s aggressive worldwide expansion over the next two years.


  • talkiewalkie

    Despite my usual frustrations with Rogers, I have had ZERO issues related to connectivity on Netflix. Never stuck buffering, plays HD pretty much instantly.

  • CyberAce

    With TekSavvy no issues at all with four streams going. I wonder if the stats are by household router or individual movie or??

  • Riddlemethis

    they’re not referring to “issues” rather speed. there IS a difference.

  • Riddlemethis

    The first two posts below make reference to “issues” not speeds. You can have no issues but your speed sucks. This is what the index means.

  • thecomputer

    Lots of readers of this list are probably unaware of the fact that viewing Netflix in a browser is capped at a bit rate of 3 Mbps and 720p resolution. You need a native app such as the Windows 8 app or a smart TV to get the max 6 Mbps “Super HD”. And even that is dependent on the show/content you are watching. Whoever wants to test this can use this video:

  • Well, I live in United States and has at&t internet connection which is quite reliable as compare to other service providers.