New iPhone 5 Photos Surface, Now The Device Is Disassembled


The so-called iPhone 5 has yet again leaked out. This time your eyes aren’t going to be looking at one device, instead they will be strolling through the various disassembled parts of the iPhone 5. Today’s leak comes from iColorOS (as noted by, and presents the front assembly of the rumored iPhone.

Assuming our readers can’t read Chinese, the leak exhibits parts such as the glass display, home button, internal sensors, volume control and the protective shielding separating the display from internal parts.

One disassembled part I have yet to mention is the SIM tray. Depending on if you currently own an iPhone, this tray appears to be much smaller. If that’s what you thought, you’re correct. The SIM tray is known as a ‘nano SIM tray,’ as Apple is rumored to adopt smaller SIM cards for the iPhone 5.

As normal, these leaks include nothing shocking. They just continue to mount sufficient proof of what the iPhone 5 will resemble. The glass display for example, it’s always near 4-inches. I would fail to name a leak in these past few months providing proof that next generation iPhone would have a 3.5 inch display.

I thought this iPhone leak was overall interesting. Many of these parts we’ve seen in separate part leaks, but now we finally get to see them together. What do you think of this leak?


  • Scott

    From a repair standpoint I’m really hoping they are separating the glass from the LCD in this model like the picture seems to show.. However I’m not confident on that yet because that glass doesn’t have a digitizer cable attached to it

  • Note to self: don’t drop the new iPhone.

    Rear glass smashes are cheap to replace by Apple…the front has always been much more $$$.

  • I thought the MicroSim was industry standard now? This is going to suck for people just directly buying from Apple to get the factory unlock, its going to force them to get a “nano” sim from their carriers, and I bet at a price.