New Stunning Mockups of the ‘iPhone SJ’ Emerge Plus Virtual Tour [VIDEO]


Antonio De Rosa from ADR Studios earlier showed us some stunning ‘iPhone SJ’ concept images, a device dedicated to Steve Jobs. Now, the design studio has released further images of its latest concept, plus a new virtual tour. The new images are described as:

“Totally glass capacitative screen on a polycarbonate light-weight body. New design, new core, new camera.”

Other features of the new concept include: a capacitative glass screen, liquid metal frame, polycarbonate body, PK2 Kevlar Top Line, and aluminum frame. Check out the images below:

If this iPhone SJ were to come to fruition, it would blow your mind. I’m serious–your head would just explode because it’s so incredible. Check out the new 360 degree virtual tour below:

The iPhone SJ–who wants one?


  • Anonymous

    Can people stop calling it the “iPhone SJ” … There is no way that’s what it would be called because Apple (And Steve himself) would think its too cheesy.

    I know whoever created these mock ups made this name as an owe to Steve Jobs but come on!

    That is all.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t mind to upgrade my iPhone 4 if next iPhone is like this and at least 4″ screen.

  • yearofdragon

    None of these mockups ever really look like the actual release, why bother.
    I agree that iPhone SJ will never be it’s name and it’s cheesy, but made me think of how stupid iPad sounded when it was first released, I hated that name.

  • K3

    how about iPhone 5L ?

  • Anonymous

    Looks a lot like a Samsung Galaxy.

  • Anonymous

    I have a feeling they won’t change the design of it except for maybe a few minor tweeks … The main changed, in my opinion, will be internal.

  • Anonymous

    This is not even a concept designed by Apple!  It is a just a random idea by a design studio.   As yearofdragon said “WHY BOTHER”!

    So why would Apple use this design (they won’t), or why would this has anything to do with any of the future iPhone?

    Even as a random smartphone concept, I am not impressed at all.  It’s just a thinner rounded edge typical iPhone design, and it does not even take into account any engineering limitations.

  • Poonuggs

    Did someone just sand the edges off my iPhone 4? BOOOOOORIIIING

  • Anonymous

    Yes we are all very aware these are not Apple concept designs (when have they ever pre released a design?) and it’s only fan art (its stated in the video) and it will never see the light of day (see first two points) my remarks were just general thoughts of what we might see of the next gen design … Nothing to do with this design.

  • Ned

    Would be interesting to see the market reaction… and I think fitting.  This would plant two Apple products, that I can recall, then that would bear a founder’s signature on the outside of the case – anyone recall the APple IIgs Woz edition?