How to Enable Old Password-Entry Grid on New Apple TV


If you own the new Apple TV, you may have noticed that new password entry method pretty much sucks in which a single line of characters is shown, when you are prompted to enter passwords on the Apple TV 4. Luckily, Rob Griffiths (via Kirksville) has found how to bring back the old password grid, which makes it much easier to enter passwords. Find out how to enable it right after the jump.

The grid

Before you proceed, you will need the silver remote from your previous Apple TV. In case you still have it, here’s how it works:

“To use the old-style password entry screen on the new Apple TV, wake the Apple TV using the old silver remote, and don’t touch the new Siri remote”.

That’s, it. You will now get the old grid to enter passwords on new your Apple TV 4 as shown in the above screenshot. However, if the Apple TV pairs with the Siri remote, you’ll again get the new-style line entry screen.


  • Buddha

    So you can’t use the old grid style layout with the Siri remote .. So if I got this right, you can’t use Siri, play most games if you want the old keyboard.

    Apple is pretty hypocritical… Think about it, the old remote enables a functionality while hindering others…. and they have the nerve to enforce the MFI controller rules because some games would lose functionality with their remote. Here’s a thought, let us at least choose the on screen keyboard not dependant of which apple branded remote we’re using. That’s the least they could do … Even better, at least pair Bluetooth keyboards one day … At at the very very least, fix the iPhone app, this is ridiculous now lol.

    While I’m at it, why can’t I tell Siri what to type (like the mic on the keyboard in iOS)…?

  • MrXax

    Apple is widely hailed as the king of design, but this is a fucking embarrassment.

  • Bafoon

    I’d imagine the iphone app is going to be updated very very soon – with all that the apple tv does right, I’m really surprised at the oversight on text entry.

    I can only imagine the use cases were dismissed as trivial – incorrectly so

  • tomm

    I have read some review of the new Apple TV 4 which said that the iPhone app Remove works with it, but not in my case, I can’t make it work. Has anybody been able to make it work? It makes me want to connect the old Apple TV, which I still have, I think it’s inexcusable that Apple takes this long to update the Remove app to be compatible. That should have been done the same day they started selling the new gismo.

  • tomm

    And one more beef, the old Radio that was on Apple TV 3 is gone and I have not seen a replacement on the App store that I could download. I wish there was at least Tunein Radio for streaming music, if Apple thinks I’ll pay them $10/m or whatever it is to stream music, they’ve got another thing coming.