Onavo Poll Shows Average iPhone Data Usage in Canada is 404MB


Onavo is the free app we previously reviewed that shrinks your data plan, and allows for the use of Pandora radio in Canada. Onavo has polled their database of Canadian iPhone usage, and sent us some very interesting stats.

The average iPhone data usage in Canada is 404MB on the iPhone, and is evenly split amongst the major Canadian carriers. Bell users lead the way at 423MB average per month, Telus next at 409MB, Fido at 406MB, and Rogers users at 378MB. Note, these numbers are based on iPhone users that have Onavo running.

Back during the iPhone 3G announcement, Canadian wireless users were up in arms over the pricey and limited data allotment from Rogers. How much data do you use per month?


  • Anonymous

    I use way more than that.


    I use 3GB for the past  2 months now

  • DoctorT

    I use around 2.5-4 gigs a month on average. (Rogers 6 gb pack ;D )

  • Outerheaven26

    Eventhough I have the 6GB $30 plan from Bell, I still only use about 2GB a month max!

  • Hed

    Isn’t it obvious that mostly people with 500 mb plan are using Onava? These stats aren’t really worth anything.

  • Anonymous

    I think there are a lot of people who own iPhones and don’t really do much on them. Some people might just use them for basic thinks like e-mails and the odd youtube video. I would much rather see a distribution of data usage than an average. I bet there are lots of people with less than 200MB and lots closer to 1GB.

  • Brian

    No, it’s not obvious. With an average that high, asuming a normal distribution, a ton of people would be going over 500 MB. I’m sure there is a huge amount of 6 GB users. But yes, only polling those that use Onava will skew the results to be higher because people who don’t use very much data don’t have a reason to be data-conscious.

  • Dvir Reznik

    Thanks for the coverage Gary!
    Thought I’d chip in to clarify something:
    Yes, the average data usage is derived from a sample of Canadian iPhone users that have Onavo installed, however – the usage presented is their normal one, without any compression. If we add compression to the mix, then the majority of iPhone users can settle for a 200MB plan.

    DoctorT, Outerheaven26, DSIMP, Brodie – if you had Onavo installed, would be interesting for you to understand where you spend 3GB of data a month. Unless you’re tethering your device 24/7, such a consumption is way out there. But heck – enjoy :-))

    Dvir Reznik, Onavo.

  • I;m

  • Last month, I surprised myself by using 3.2 GB. I’m switching to TELUS shortly, and will only have 2GB/month. Maybe I’ll install Onavo and see where all my data is going!

  • Anonymous

    I sit around 500MB. With iOS 5 coming out, though, I’m glad I have the 6GB plan. Any word on if that offer is coming around again with the 4S coming?

  • Over the past 101 days I’ve saved 764mb with Onavo. Now I only once when over my 1GB a month place in the past year with my iPhone 4 and only slightly. Since Onavo I’m only getting around 500mb usage and saving 100 to 200mb a month (or 500 to 700mb without per month).