Parrot AR.Drone Now Available For Orders


For those who have been following developments of the AR.Drone by Parrot, the iPhone-controlled quadricopter is now available for ordering.


The AR.Drone is the first quadricopter that can be controlled by an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad via a WiFi connection. Made of carbon fiber and resistance plastic, the drone is very resilient to damage.

When everything is set up, users use an iDevice and just tilt and touch the iDevice to control the AR Drone.

The quadricopter is just loaded with tech such as a wide angle camera, a high speed camera, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems), an accelerometer, gyro sensors, ultrasound sensor, and an onboard computer. The whole package reminds me of the flying robot from Terminator 3, especially when the drone takes flight!

How It Works

To successfully take flight, the AR.Drone creates its own WiFi network to which users connect their iDevice. Note that the WiFi network is open without security. Using the WiFi connection, the front camera of the AR.Drone is streamed to the iDevice.

By using the onscreen controls and simply tilting the iDevice, the AR.Drone will take flight and move in the direction in which the iDevice is tilted.

AR.Drone App

The piloting app for the AR.Drone is available for free on iTunes. Aside from the piloting app, there will be a few augmented reality games also available on the App Store which will feature single and multiplayer games.

The Parrot AR.Drone is available from the Parrot online store for $299.99USD.


  • Happy

    Very cool!

  • Well, this is creepy. I just started reading an eBook that shows features killer iPhone-Controlled Helicopters, check it out:
    Hopefully these can be controlled by their Human Masters, though (and don’t feature such accessories as Shotguns and Buzz Saws.)
    Once I’m done I’ll be reviewing it on, this is just too spooky though, had to share!

  • Nick

    Wow that rocks.. Wish battery life was more than 12 mins though – or spare batteries were less than $30

  • Wuju

    it seems like it only ship to U.S. πŸ™

    the shipping type dropdown only shows United States options

  • Anonymous

    f’n AY! lol that IS sick…imagine the damage all those pervs on stickam could do! πŸ˜›

  • Nick

    I saw that, but they list shipping prices for Canada and Europe.. I think it’s just a screw up with the website.. You probably just need to call them to order

  • Craig

    Hmm…it says the drone will move in the direction that the phone is tilted, but in each video clip when he tilts he is also using his left thumb on the control to move it that way.
    Soooo……you have to use the thumb controls AND tilt it?

  • Nick

    Ok so I called the company today to place an order for the thing.. But they said in Canadian dollars with shipping and duty it would come to $376.. It’s a pretty fun toy but there’s a lot of better things I could spend that money on. Maybe at some point there will be a Canadian distributor with better prices.

  • Nick

    Yes.. but the left thumb is only telling it to take input from the phone’s tilt, he’s not moving his thumb around to control anything, just holding it there. That way you can take your finger off the phone and tilt your phone any way you like without crashing the helicopter.

  • Nick

    And I found some comments on other sites that say there’s currently a bug in the software for the thing – when it loses contact with the iPhone instead of lowering itself to the ground it shoots up in the air and flies away. One person who reviewed it on Amazon said that his shot off in to the forest the first time he took it outside and he couldn’t find it.

  • Corey

    Notice a retail store in Edmonton called Hobby Alley has them coming in