Mega Poll: Which Apple Watch Configuration Are You Going to Buy?


Now that Apple Watch pricing and availability has been announced, ‘work’ now lies in trying to decide which model and configuration you’re going to buy (#firstworldproblems). Apple has 38 total configurations for sale across the Sport, Apple Watch and Edition lines.

The cost of entry starts at $449 CAD for the 38mm Sport, then skywards all the way to $22,000 CAD for the 38mm 18-Carat Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Editions with either the Rose Grey Modern Buckle or Bright Red Modern Buckle—available in limited quantities, says Apple.

Take our mega poll below—which Apple Watch configuration are you going to buy? 

Apple Watch pre-orders will start Friday, April 10 in Canada (and other initial launch countries), with the launch set two weeks later on April 24, 2015.


  • Zeke

    I’m not going to buy an Apple watch. They all look to femimine. even the larger screen ones, they look like a girls watch.

  • Corey Beazer

    Whats a watch?

  • winnertakesteve

    I hope for apples sake I’m in the minority, because the watch looks totally uninteresting to me. ???? moving a subset of mobile device functions from your palm to your wrist is just kinda… Eh.

  • Jacobyte

    I am sure Apple will sell tons of these. I am one of those who upgrade their iPhone ever second generation once all the bugs have been worked out. I’m used to the cycle to replace my phone. The problem as I see it is that I own a few nice watches…I can’t see myself falling into the same trend, replacing my watch every year or two. Now, if the watch was designed to merge with the phone and totally replace it I’d be all OVER that! Imagine just a tablet and a watch instead of what they are offering – Tablet, phone (phablet) and NOW a watch?!?!?

  • Anthony ?

    I suspect the Sport models will sell relatively well because all things considered they’re relatively cheap for a smartwatch, and I can see people spending that much to try one out and see how they like it. Beyond that it’s less clear. With some of the mid-priced options coming in over $1000 + tax I think that will be a harder sell, especially when it’s something that will become obsolete over time. The problem to me is that people who buy $1000+ watches aren’t looking for something like the Apple Watch, they’re looking for a more traditional timepiece from a company with a reputation and history of making quality timepieces that last for (in some cases) generations.

    I’ve purchased a few expensive watches over the past 15 years or so. While never getting into the $10,000+ price range as that’s simply beyond my means, I do have several nice watches that I enjoy owning and wearing. All of these were expensive in their own way, however all of them have maintained value over the years. I can take my 14 year old Omega Seamaster and put it on my wrist and it will provide the same function, enjoyment, style, and value today that it did on the day I bought it. At the time I paid roughly the same price as I would pay today for the “Stainless Steel with Link Bracelet” model. If I was to buy this Apple Watch today, what value as a timepiece would it offer in 14 years?

    My suspicion would be that, 14 years from now, all the Apple Watches purchased in 2015 will be long abandoned or sitting in boxes in people’s basements, ready to be discarded the next time electronics recycling day comes around…

  • MGSayah

    Something tells me the Apple Watch will have a 2 year life cycle, why?
    Well the Apple Watch Edition comes with a two year warranty. Plus if you
    look at other Apple products, lots of them aren’t renewed yearly (think
    AppleTV, Mac Mini, Aiport Express, etc)

  • Chrome262

    I would agree, back to a time when phones where smaller, but the screen would be kind of small, and hard to see any thing really well. Now if it had a roll out display that would be cool, or holographic lol. Also those in ear buds that they make with no wires, now your talking. Can’t wait for the future lol

  • Chrome262

    Not sure, all the gals I have talked to, including my wife, think they look ugly, well except the rose gold one, but who can afford that. So not sure what market they are going for

  • djepsilon

    The one really crappy thing is not having Apple Pay in Canada yet. I personally think Apple Pay is one of the more appealing features of the Apple Watch. Not even having to pull out your phone to pay makes paying even faster!

    I think that this launch will be similar to the launch of the iPad. Lots of unsure people at first, but then it will sell like hot cakes. I remember being unsure about the iPad myself. I bought one, not knowing if I actually needed one. And of course once I owned one for myself, I quickly realized the many benefits it had. I suspect my Apple Watch experience will be the same!

  • Ex

    Obviously one of each of yellow gold 38mm and 42mm. Who needs to buy a car when I can buy Apple Watch?!

  • Man, Ex you are so ballin’…of course you’ll be sporting the rose gold in your convertible electric Apple Car on Robson St., right?

  • Ex

    Robson?! Pfffttt
    More like crusing the streets of West Van and Point Grey YO!

  • Wait, don’t you usually hang out around North Road in Coquitlam?

  • Ex

    Little Korea…sadly yes….
    *runs to H Mart in tears*

  • Al

    I like how you can vote multiple times

    I also like how at least a dozen people (supposedly), as of this writing, are claiming to buy a gold watch. Hilarious.

  • LOL!

  • The poll limits votes based on IP, but those on mobile and VPN can get around that. IIC readership have bank vaults like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales.

  • Nilay

    I agree with you. We might not see any design changes very soon, else ppl who spent on their edition watch will kill them…..

  • Al

    Dammit! Now I have the Duck Tales theme playing in my head.
    The movie, BTW, is on either US or Netherlands Netflix (or maybe both), if you, or your rug rat(s), are interested.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Just buy a used 16 GB iPod Nano with an iWatchz strap. You’ll get a nicer looking thinner watch with double the storage space, many times the battery life and even a headphone jack. It even comes with a pedometer and Mickey mouse watch face – just like the new one 🙂

  • Dmc

    The nice thing about living in Canada is that I can simply tap and pay with my credit card. No phone needed. Apple pay and the watch are a complete waste of time, and a square watch is really ugly.

  • Aslam Nathoo

    Yeah, most Canadians don’t realize that in the US, being able to tap to pay with your credit card is not nearly as widespread as it is up here. And chip cards are close to non-existent in the US. At least that’s what my US friends tell me.

    Still I want Apple Pay also. I’m hoping they launch it here soon.

  • JS

    Apple Pay won’t come to Canada anytime soon. If and when the NFC chip is opened up to third parties I expect our banks to update their apps to support tap to pay by their own credit card, that way they can bypass Apple.