Product Review: Guitar Sidekick


Being a musician and an iPhone user, I often turn to my iPhone when trying to learn new songs for the cover band that I’m in. There is a struggle to read music or tablature, on the small screen of the iPhone, while trying to play the songs at the same time. I have always wanted to solve the this issue, with some kind of stand, or something. Well, I’m proud to say a Canadian company called Castiv, has solved this issue for us, with the Guitar Sidekick.

This awesome iPhone holder easily connects to your guitar, putting your iPhone right at the top of your fret board, so you can easily read the music, while playing. The Guitar Sidekick’s unique clamp connects to the strings of your guitar, just at the top of the fret board, without affecting your tuning. The cradle tilts and rotates, for optimal viewing of the screen, and my iPhone fit snug into the cradle, without the fear of it falling to the floor. It is also adjustable to for many other devices, up 4.5 inches wide.

This is a great product, that I have been looking for a long time. The Guitar Sidekick feels sturdy, and I had no worry of my iPhone falling out, while I was playing. You can use this with tons of guitar apps that are in the App Store right now, but I found it most handy for reading music. I found it easy to install and remove from my guitars, as I switched from my electric to my acoustic. The only negative I found, is that the clamp that goes on the strings will not work on bass guitar, as the strings are a lot thicker.

Here’s a video of the Guitar Sidekick in action:

You can order the Castiv Guitar Sidekick right from their website. It goes for $29.99 USD, plus shipping.

Written by Mike McKinnon


  • Mr. Mac

    This article begs a follow up:
    What apps do you like?
    What app is doing the autoscroll?
    What’s your preferred method for getting your music/chords for a song onto the phone (this also relates to the autoscroll question)?

  • That thing is pretty bad ass. BTW, nice massive profile pic, hehe! 😉

  • Anonymous

    Ultimate Guitar Tab is pretty great. It’s only $2.99.

  • Gmzanatta

    That would seriously screw up your tuning.

  • Anonymous

    Surprisingly, it does not. It grips all the strings at the same pressure, so it doesn’t bend or de-tune any of the strings.

  • Nick

    For the jazzers out there, you should definitely check out the iRealBook app. It’s very good, and you can also download charts for more tunes right within the app. It can even generate an ‘Aebersold’ like play along for a song, kind of like Band in a Box does, except that with Band in a Box the last version i tried used real recordings of drums and midi for everything else, but this uses real recordings of piano, bass, drums.. It’s a great program.. and really it’s not just for jazzers because you can download charts for other styles of music for free from within the app. You just need to able to read chord symbols which – let’s face it – are way better than tab anyway. After all, tab only tells you how to play something in one spot on your guitar, but if you understand chord symbols then you’ll know a few different ways of playing that chord on your guitar, and they can also be read by a bass player, piano player, anyone…

  • Anonymous

    I saw Halestorm live last summer….they’re really good….met Lzzy and the band backstage too. awsome ppl!