Samsung Continues With the Anti-Apple Marketing on Facebook


Last week Samsung posted a series of commercials (see here and here) that pokes fun at iPhone owners. Today they’re continuing the campaign on their US Facebook page with a series of graphics that suggests the iPhone is dated and uncool. Samsung clearly wants their message to go viral.

One graphic illustrates a comparison between “Cutting edge” (their Galaxy S II) and “Old school” (an iPhone).

Another graphic depicts people standing in line for a new iPhone with thought bubbles that express longing for another device: “I’m experiencing serious phone envy” and “Samsung totally just caught me checking out this phone”.

Samsung has also posted an inchoate, and in somes instances misleading, comparison chart:

Apple partisan though I remain (along with 96 percent of iPhone users), I do think the Samsung’s Galaxy S II is a solid piece of hardware. So it seems strange that they would launch a marketing campaign that offends and alienates. As John Gruber of Daring Fireball points out, besides being “a tacit admission that they’re (at best) number two,” it also offends by saying that “people who buy iPhones are image-conscious fad-following idiots”.

The Facebook page has a few other graphics (“Dude, you’re a barista”) and some dubious copy (“If it looks the same and feels the same – it’s probably the same”). But being Facebook, just like this site, you’re welcome to share your thought in the comments. I’m curious to see what the Apple faithful have to say about Samsung’s latest efforts.


  • Dan

    I watched the 2010 D8 interview with Steve Jobs last night.. and I loved his response when the interviewer asked “what are your thoughts on competing with Google and Android” – or something along those lines.

    Steve just responds with “we don’t see ourselves in a platform war, we just try to make the best products for our consumers”. Love that Samsung tries to rip on Apple instead of making better products.

  • Anon

    iDork waiting in line – “I can’t feel my legs”.  Hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. 15 min Apps return policy. That is kick ass!

  • Kosmo

    As Pooh said: “Some can, but some can’t.”! Apparently Samsung can’t make any better than this and this campaign simply admits that they can’t make a better phone.

  • Matt

    By this logic, Apple simply admits that it can’t make a better operating system than Microsoft. Remember the Mac vs PC commercials? Bias much?

  • Matt

    I hate that Apple tries to rip on Android instead of making better products.

    “I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every
    penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong… I’m going
    to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go
    thermonuclear war on this.” 

    – Steve Jobs

  • Dan

    That doesn’t sound like Apple ripping on Android. Sounds more like the truth. Android wouldn’t exist/be even close to what it is if it weren’t for Apple.

    Android went to war with Apple, not the other way around.

  • Me

    I guess if I bought a Samsung I would feel stupid and try to defend it. But I didn’t.

  • Kevin

    just show any andorid user that Carrier IQ article, then show them this article

    and tell them ‘hey, i like my security and privacy’ haha.

  • Anon

    Samsung S2 LTE is out and supports LTE/4G. Don’t know why they didn’t list that in the specs.

  • nufan

    Having owned an iPhone 4 and a s2, I much prefer the s2, however I do think that Samsung should let their products do the talking instead of these campaigns. (Though the commercial was good!)

  • Um Android did not exist without iOS. Or iPhone on the market.

    Get your facts straight!

  • iFanBoiKevin

    An where do you think Apple ripped off iOS from?  Yup, Xerox.  LMAO!

  • Anon

    Now that Apple has a weak CEO, and a bunch of GREEDY execs giving themselves bonuses… Andriod just might come out on top in the next few years.

  • Anon

    Same here.  Although I do find it amusing seeing all the die-hard Apple fan boys getting all upset over this.

  • Matt

    Instead you feel stupid because you bought an iPhone and try to defend it. Understandable.

    Being wrong must be easy for you since you like to show it off with pride. I don’t own a Samsung. It’s just that I’m not an Apple fanboy like you.

  • Matt

    What fact did I get wrong? I don’t think you know what “fact” means.

  • it is, or should i say will be, thats not always the case with those apps so I might be something they are rolling out

  • Anonymous

    Hey Matt, are you aware of any other instances where Jobs (or Apple) has ripped on Android?

  • Anonymous

    The definition of 4G isn’t completly clear to me. Some carriers are calling 4G 14 Mbps, but often 21 Mbps. The iPhone 4S can get 14 Mbps speeds, so I can see why Samsung — trying to distinguish itself from Apple — would not use an ambiguous term.

  • Anonymous

    4G was supposed to be LTE which is 75mbps now and 150mbps soon. At some point the carriers started calling 42mbps 4G here. It’s all a gimmick really. In the states it’s even more random than here. In any case the S2 can do 21.6mbps and the iPhone 14.4mbps. Real world results aren’t different if you ask me.

  • Anonymous

    Good point. That’s one reason I’m running Cyanogenmod on my Galaxy.

  • Eason_1108

    while everybody still trying to get the iphone4S, they call them old school? not easy to trust at all, how can you get ppl to trust your product then?

  • Anonymous

    ^ out of all the statements on this article, this is the stupidest one.

  • Anonymous

    ^  Truth.

  • Anonymous

    I think at the end of the day, Samsung can do or try whatever they want because it will likely have ZERO impact on iPhone sales. I think anybody in their right mind would agree that the iPhone 4S is far from “old school” and would do research themselves to find out what phone best suits their needs. Anyone who would take ads like these as truth? THOSE people are the “sheeple”…. (I can’t believe I just used that word in a sentence. I fucking hate that term!)

  • guest

    But Steve Jobs is talking about Android here which basicallystole the OS from Apple, where as he is talking about hardware with Samsung..   

  • Dan

    You “Android fan boys” are just as egotistical as us “iPhone fan boys”. Every post about an iPhone being great or an iPhone being bad, every Android-owner/iPhone-hater come out to bash the iPhone and its users.

    Which, in turn, makes you sound more of an Android fan boy than any other iPhone fan boy. Sounds like you guys need to Occupy Apple.

  • WE ARE THE 1%

  • Ben

    I have had to iPhones now, the 3GS and the 4, they are quite usefull as a tool to me and definety are part of my day. However the three things that tick me off about apple are non replaceable batteries, extremely poor battery life and the #1 fault is poor receiver design, these phones truly are a “Metro” phone and anything less than 4 bars turns my current phone into a dropped-call-a-holic

  • Compass Guy

    I agree, I experience 30% minimum lousy call experience and drop 1 out of 5 calls with 3 bars or less

  • Pat_B

    I don’t care who is the best. Both brands are very impressive … I got an iphone because that suits my needs. I love samsung too because of the speed customization of the phone etc .. Why cant we all just respect every body’s opinion. If you love apple great. Don’t hate! If love samsung or any android phone also great! I just fucking hate people blasting at each other! “oh you love android, you fucking fanboy, oh you love apple you fucking fanboy”! Enough of this bullshit already!

  • Flyers411

    And where do you think Ford Motor Company ripped off the car from? Yup, caveman who invented the wheel. Huh? Lol

    To be human is to improve on what was. A facet of true invention is also to catapult or improve an idea massively to new levels. Apple’s iOS and With its touch interface has massively done that.

    Having said that, the design and function of the TOUCH breed of mobile devices that magically appeared in a very similar form to the existing Apple iDevices would not be considered an invention at any level. How has Samsung/Android advanced anything meaningfully like Apple did over Xerox? Wait…right 4″ screen vs 3.5″ screen. Lmao

  • GrandMasterFlash

    ^ hater of haters :/