New Samsung Galaxy Pro Ad Ridicules iPad, Surface and Kindle [VIDEO]


It sure is easy to give Samsung a hard time with all their copying ways, but you have to give their marketing team credit for hilarious ads that poke fun at their competitors.

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The latest ad uploaded to the company’s YouTube channel shows off the Galaxy Pro Series tablets, and in the process has fun mocking Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle. We won’t spoil the jabs—check out the ad below:

It can do that? The Galaxy Pro series of tablets have more great features than ever, with screens that blow the competition away.

Oddly enough, despite Samsung’s ad showing the limitations of rival tablets, if you squint enough you will see fine print on the ad as it plays showing the text “screen images simulated, sequences shortened.” Other companies do this too, but I’ve never seen disclaimer text this tiny and hidden.

What do you think of this ad? It sure is better than these other horrible Samsung ads.


  • K4

    I think Samsung has every right to shove that up their ass

  • iFone

    Well, let’s discuss that ad from an iPad standpoint:
    – Multiple windows: Point for Samsung for allowing multiple windows, though that doesn’t mean you cannot multitask on the iPad, by task switching to mail while putting the video on hold (audio will remain active).
    – Screen res: I seriously still cannot notice a SIGNIFICANT difference between an iPad and a Samsung screen. Value proposition here is not solid for me, and will choose iOS over Android to access quality apps instead.

    The other scenes are not iPad applicable so, let’s move on, shall we?
    Next commercial please!

  • FragilityG4

    Didn’t they copy this commercial from someone?

  • Anon

    Other than the Surface Pro, you can’t do any real work on any of those tablets.