Samsung Unveils Its Next iPhone Competitor: The Galaxy S III, ‘Designed for Humans’


Samsung today announced their next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III. Check out the specs chart below:

The phone is rumoured to sport a quad-core processor. It will also sport a Siri-like voice capability called ‘S Voice’ (nice name btw) that will recognize commands when spoken to the phone, such as saying ‘snooze’ to silence your morning alarm. It also will be able to send text messages, play songs, send emails and take pictures.

Check out the heartwarming commercial below:

Anyone making the switch? If history repeats itself, we could see another iPhone from Apple this Fall again. What do you think Apple needs to include in the next generation iPhone?



    Nope… Jailbreak iOS rules!

  • iPhone Rules!

    don”t like the way the andriod software is designed. I don’t think I’ll every change from ios ever. iOS is just designed for me. lol 

  • roadcarver

    We’ll have to wait and see.  What’s keeping me on the iOS platform right now are the apps and the screen responsiveness.  I was speaking to a co-worker today and he mentioned that ICS on Galaxy Nexus was very responsive.  App devs still need to update their apps to properly support ICS but most works just fine.  Never hurts to try something new 🙂

  • Kris Meador

    What? Designed for humans?
    Well then what were all the smartphones that came before it designed for? 
    Although I must admit, the screen size might be perfect. The Galaxy Note is too big, but this 4.8 inch size might be just right. 

  • Anybody watch the ad for the SIII? That has to be the worst phone commercial I’ve ever seen.  I couldn’t tell if they were selling a phone or life insurance.

  • djepsilon

    The specs look great although I’m not big on the design (4 inch screen is max size IMO). The Galaxy phones are pretty sweet, but not enough to make me switch from the Apple ecosystem.

    On a side note, that commercial is absolutely TERRIBLE. They should have stuck to making fun of Apple fans 😉

  • Steve Waugh

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  • draz

    Specs look good to me. I’ll wait for the ‘new iPhone’ announcement before I decide who gets my money this year.

    I wouldn’t mind these specs on an iPhone though. I got big hands so I won’t mind a huge screen phone like the SIII…. I would miss all the iOS apps though 🙁

  • Ken

    Designed for humans? get a life Scamsung

  • Ari

    Anyone making the switching? Really? Are you actually asking that? If anyone is making the “switch” then they should seriously donate their iPhone to some charity because they obviously have way too much money.

    I have so many “paid” apps that I would be throwing away money even if I had any interesting in “switching”.

    I don’t know about you but I’m not made out of money so I don’t go chasing after every shiny piece of tech that is announced.

  • BrightNadia80

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  • Kosmo

    “Designed for Humans” with monkey fingers…. These buttons at the bottom are too close to the edge of the phone and it will be hard to press them with one hand…

  • Abetterworld

    competition is good for us consumers.

  • Anon

    If the next iPhone still has a micro 3.5″ screen, I’m permanently switching over to the dark side.

  • I  must admit: This is a phone that has beautiful aesthetics. Just love its overall look and feel. cant wait to see Samsung Galaxy S III in real. 

  • DJSL

     I use the 4GS & my son has the SII, I’m  kinda stuck in the iphone ‘way/system’ with a family pack of 4 iphones but will try the i5 for sure…Nice to see you here dj…CYRAPHYM…LOL