Screen Ghosting on Retina MBPs Trigger Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple


Ever since the Retina MacBook Pro reached the customers the most reported issue was something that causes a burn-in or ghosting problem. A Retina MacBook Pro user has decided to launch a would-be class action lawsuit against Apple (via 9to5Mac), claiming that the aforementioned ghosting issues are the result of defective LG screens.

As you can see in the video below showing ghost images of previous content, alongside the growing support thread on Apple’s site, Beau Hodges’s complaint isn’t an isolated case. You may already know that Apple displays are manufactured by both LG and Samsung for its Retina MacBook Pros, but each sign points to machines with LG screens.

Apple has been mostly silent so far, and has issued no statement regarding the ghosting problem, except for a support document that describes “image persistence” as characteristic of IPS display, and advises users how to minimize the effects.

As a reply, Beau Hodges has filed a lawsuit in a federal court in California saying that Apple is tricking its customers, as there is no distinguishing sign between the models shipped with LG and Samsung displays.

“The electronics giant must know about the differences between the two versions because it spent a considerable amount of time testing the products during research and development and has been inundated with complaints from customers about the LG screen’s problems, according to the suit.”

“The performance disparity between the LG version and the Samsung version is particularly troubling given that Apple represents the MacBook Pro with retina display as a single, unitary product, described as the highest quality notebook display on the market,” the complaint said. “None of Apple’s advertisements or representations discloses that it produces the computers with display screens that exhibit different levels of performance and quality.”

Meanwhile Apple has been reportedly replacing the Retina MacBook Pros with LG display for many users following the issues.


  • Mark

    Remember when LG used to go by their original name, “Lucky Gold”, and their super cheap, crappy little TV’s were sold in grocery stores? From all the complaints I’m reading about lately concerning their products, plus my own experience with my previous crapy plasma LG TV, I’m thinking these guys were never really capable of producing quality products.

  • Flaxx

    Lovely… I wasn’t aware of this Samsung/LG problem. My MBPr has a Samsung screen but its developed white spots (another issues that many people have had), but I’m afraid of having it replaced with an LG panel. The ghosting problem is a lot worse than the white spots! Both are not good though, especially for a premium laptop.

  • anon

    i just replaced my rMPB screen for the 3rd time. 1st time was within 2 weeks of having it. little white dots everywhere, almost looked like damage, yet it was really normal wear and tear.
    Then about a month later, same problem, replaced again. I then put a screen protector on and didn’t see the dimpled white dots anymore
    A month or so ago I started to notice the ghosting and it really bothered me when working on photos. I took it back and they swapped it out for me no questions asked.
    I now have a Samsung screen which the Apple genius claims fixes the ghosting and the dots which appeared to be dead pixels / damaged dimples on the screen. He told me not to bother with the screen protector and if it happens again, bring it back again! A pain, but they’ve been very good about replacing the screen.

  • GooseLegs

    I had the ghosting problem. I was happy they replaced it for free. Not happy it took a few days to replace.