Steve Jobs, KBE?–Maybe, If It Wasn’t For Gordon Brown


Sir Richard Branson. Sir Elton John. Steve Jobs, KBE–err, what? That’s right, Steve Jobs does not have an honourary knighthood but he would if it wasn’t blocked by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The latest report from The Telegraph states that Jobs was scheduled to be knighted but was ultimately denied by the former British PM. Why?

The then-Prime Minister refused to knight Mr Jobs in 2009 because he turned down an invitation to speak at the Labour Party conference, a former senior Labour MP said.

…The former MP was told by Downing Street that the decision was related to a failed attempt to attract Mr Jobs to Labour’s annual conference. Given his status as a superstar of business and technology, such an appearance would have been viewed as a coup for Mr Brown.

Of course, a spokeswoman for the former PM has denied these claims.

Bill Gates and Bono from U2 are knighted, and it would only be fitting that Steve Jobs, the tech revolutionary of our time join this honourary club. I’m confident it will happen soon in the near future. Don’t you agree?





  • Gromit32767

    Bill Gates and Bono were knighted in recognition of their humanitarian efforts. Steve Jobs has no track record in that regard, does he?

  • Bobby84

    Honorary knighthood does not confer the title of “Sir”…they can only use the KBE suffix.

  • TB

    I hate it when non-Brits talk about things like this when they have absolutely no clue, just regurgitating news to fill up your daily quota’s of posts per day. You should thank Gromit32767.

  • Lowell

    Only Brits can get the title of “Sir” I believe.

  • Bradom

    Bill Gates and Bono both do philanthropic work in the world community. Steve jobs brings us technologically advanced electronics at a HIGH price, he does not represent underprivileged people.. so no he does not deserve the title.

  • Luca


  • Hank

    IMHO, first and foremost, the ones presenting should first live by example. Otherwise, all these is just a clear act of hypocrisy.

  • Hank

    You’re typical. Go figure.

  • Kevinmatthewroach

    Screw that, why Knight somebody for selling great products and making himself rich. (and others I suppose)

    Knight him when he commits to giving away 90% of his fortune away like many billionaires have.

  • gordunramsie

    Thanks for chiming in from the ORTHODONTIST’S OFFICE, you DONKEY.

  • Anonymous


  • Red Star

    & Jimmy cracked corn! WTF!!