Stepping in for the Part of Steve Jobs: Jony Ive


Once in a long while, on a very special day, you can be shoe shopping and try on a pair that feels amazing… almost as if you’ve owned those shoes forever and broken them in and made them yours and… forgive me, I’ve digressed. The point is, sometimes something new will surprise you by fitting just right. Tim Cook is a good CEO, maybe even a really great CEO. Cook has a competent head for business and the steady hand required to steer a ship the size of Apple, but has the same boyish enthusiasm and charisma as a bag of hammers.

Enter Jony Ive, stage right.

Being called the ‘spiritual successor’ of Steve Jobs, Ive now has creative control over the world’s largest company. This move, after changes in the Apple leadership roster last week that were followed more closely than when the Prime Minister shuffles his cabinet (though the same number of ridiculously big egos were involved).

In a recent article by technology journalist Micah Singleton, Apple leadership during the reign of Steve Jobs was described as resembling a two-headed monster: “COO Tim Cook made sure operations ran smoothly, and products were properly distributed” while “Steve put his touch on every product Apple released.” This beast of myths turned management style proved wise because Apple has since enjoyed “unprecedented creative and financial success.”

With Ive at Cook’s right hand the proverbial ‘second head’, left vacant by Job’s death last year, has been restored.

Described as a “fantastic craftsman,” Ive started his tenure with Apple in 1992. Since then, he has been responsible for much of the design beauty that Apple has been heralded for, including “functionally clean, aesthetically pleasing, and remarkably popular products.”

So what happens next for Ive now that he has pulled the sword from the stone? Who knows, but sufficed to say it had better be spectacular. Do you think Ive will take the lead at the next Apple event? What will his trademark become?

[via MacRumors]


  • It always makes me uneasy that people (media?) make out Apple to be very dependent on just a handful of people. Not even a handful. Business is unpredictable, and as we’ve seen with Apple in the past few years, many higher-ups leave (by choice or not). I want Apple to be seen as more than just a funnel for one or three people to channel their ideas of what makes good computing. Apple has some of the most talented engineers of any company, as evident in the technological marvel that is inside the iPhone 5 (vs. it’s superficial exterior which many have unfortunately focused on and criticized). What if Jony Ive were to no longer be at Apple; people may panic. No more Steve Jobs. No more Ive, or whoever else has been credited as instrumental in Apple’s success. Have faith in what Apple can accomplish, not because of one or two people, but the thousands of talented individuals at Infinite Loop.

  • Slyrobber

    Still think that Woz, till his demise, has a grey eminence role to play at Apple. Even if he would be brought in as a figure head. Kind of like the king or queen of a costitutional monarchy. It’s like we still have Paul and Ringo even though we preferred John or George. Just bring back The Woz Apple!!!

  • That would be great.