Steve Jobs Biography to Release Early on October 24th


All Things D reports Steve Jobs’ official biography has had its release date pushed ahead to October 24th. The previous date was set for November 21st. The biography will include the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO.

The WSJ reports author Walter Isaacson was notified by Jobs that he was going to die, when he stepped down as CEO:

According to a person familiar with the matter, Isaacson last interviewed Jobs four weeks ago, right before, and right after he stepped down from his post as the CEO of Apple.

Jobs indicated at that time that he knew he was going to die soon. The scene will appear at the end of the book.

It was noted by MacRumors that Amazon sales and pre-orders of the biography has increased more than 40,000% after the announcement of his death. I need to read this book.


  • Ryan

    It would probably just be easier if you set up a script to publish directly from MacRumors RSS feed.  Why bother wasting all the time required to rewrite the article.

  • Tz616379

    I’m hoping this becomes available on the iBooks store.

  • ?Dennis

    Gary do you know if the early release date is for Canada as well? The site still showing a November release, while the Amazon US site shows an October release.


  • Mikef2007

    Glad I pre-ordered weeks ago!

  • Marsdust

    It is available in iBooks are a pre-order for$20.