Microsoft Surface Book i7 Canadian Pricing Starts at $3,129


Microsoft has just unveiled its new, highest-end ‘Surface Book i7’ at a big Windows 10 event in New York City, and it starts at a whopping $3,129 in Canada. The laptop succeeds last year’s 13.5-inch Surface Book, and offers 30% more battery life, which translates to 16 hours, up from 12 hours in the previous model (via VentureBeat). 

Surface Book Home 1 HeroFullBleed V1

The new Surface Book i7 however retains the same form factor as the original Surface Book, because according to Microsoft, “it has been so well received”. Microsoft’s head of engineering Panos Panay explained on stage that the Surface Book i7 offers more frame rate to gamers, less lag to designers, and a lot more battery life to everyone. “It really is the ultimate laptop. I hope you like it,” Panay said. 

And so the device has that — with a beefy Intel Core i7 chip, twice the graphics performance of what was available from the original Surface Books, and altogether, “three times more than the highest-end MacBook Pro” with a 13-inch display, Panay said. The laptop can drive 1.9 teraflops of performance, he said. And there’s a second fan now.

The Surface Book i7 starts shipping next month, with pre-orders going live today.


  • xxxJDxxx

    One thing I will give them credit for is the graphics performance. Really hoping at the mac event tomorrow Apple announces some seriously beefed up graphics performance on the new macbooks/macs.

  • SOB

    Pretty pricey laptop. Unfortunately I think Apple’s Macbook Pro 15 inch will be in the same ballpark.

  • MleB1

    Ha, ha, ha! Microsoft (and Apple) trying to revisit the pricing of notebooks from the early 90s. As then, great for people with corporate accounts with more money than brains, but for a vast majority of companies and individuals, this sort of thing is simply not on for the work they really do on computers these days.

  • Dominic

    I really am tempted now. My Macbook is 6 years old ; I’ve upgraded all the essential hardware like battery as well as SSD and RAM. But it’s getting old. I really am divided. The Surface Book is something that meets my needs ; as I don’t want a tablet and a computer. I want both, I have an iPhone and that’s about it. If I jump over to PC then I’ve abandoned the continuity features of Apple with the Safari browser and Pages and many more features. I could purchase a new Mac and download Microsoft’s new promising OS but then I don’t have the touch functionality. I really am split as this hardware is the only thing that truly makes me look at the Windows side. As just like Android I liked the Nexus, and now the Pixel as it’s the puristic software that meets perfectly with the hardware and taking advantage of Apple’s weakest point in sales is a great decision. Help somebody please haha