WhatsApp Now Allows Users to Tag People in Group Chats



In an effort to discourage users from muting group chats, WhatsApp has just added a new feature in its recent update that allows users to tag people so they can receive a notification, even if they’ve muted a conversation (via Wired). To tag someone in a WhatsApp group chat, simple enter the ‘@’ symbol, followed by the contact’s name. A menu will also pop up where you can select the contact.

As the Facebook-owned app continues to add more ways for users to communicate with each other, such as sending stickers and drawing on images, there is more opportunity for an important message about who needs to buy milk next getting lost in the chat without the ‘@’ function.

The feature lets you tag multiple contacts in a single message, as well as tag contacts that aren’t saved in your address book but are part of the same group chat. The app has also expanded group sizes from 100 up to 256 participants, which makes the ‘@’ message function vital for making sure that your message gets seen by the right person.

The new WhatsApp tagging feature is available on the updated iOS app, but has not yet rolled out on the desktop app.

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  • Kirk

    This is a pretty cool feature. I like how WhatsApp has recently evolved in iOS. I use this app as much as iMessage because I still know plenty of poor saps without an iPhone LOL. Plus talking to family overseas is a great advantage

  • Lol…yes, WhatsApp is definitely the best way to bring iOS and Android peeps together into one, large group chat (that can be overwhelming at times; thanks mute).

  • Dany Quirion

    Dont see the update

  • Riley Freeman

    who the hell has 256 people in a group chat? Who the hell even has 100? My group chat is like 7 of us and we hit 500+ messages in a day. How the hell could anyone handle 100+ people

  • Safwan Amin

    waiting for GIF support!