The Next iPhone Could Support AWS According to T-Mobile


According to recent interview conducted by T-Mobile’s chief technology offer, Neville Ray, the next generation iPhone could support the AWS spectrum. He originally stated the next iPhone chipset would support AWS, only to retract his statement later to clarify he has no knowledge of the iPhone roadmap, notes CNET:

“The next chipset will support AWS,” he said in an interview with CNET. “The challenge that existed in the past will go away.”

Ray said Apple has the option to move to AWS with the roadmap of chipsets on the market. The executive has seen the chipsets that are available to all of the original equipment manufacturers. The company later clarified that Ray hasn’t seen Apple’s specific roadmap. But he noted Apple could choose to ignore that capability and not strike a deal with T-Mobile.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an AWS capable iPhone coming to T-Mobile, as similar rumours emerged last August. An iPhone with AWS support would be wide applauded in Canada.

New wireless entrants such as WIND, Mobilicity, and Quebec’s Videotron all operate on the AWS spectrum. Many believe an iPhone with AWS support would lower cellphone rates for Canadians, as these new carriers have voice and data plans at lower prices compared to the established national carriers (which is currently campaigning against in their ‘Stop the Squeeze’ initiative).

AWS-capable iPhone–who wants one?


  • Anonymous

    the big 3 + AT&T wont allow that to happen. the amount of potential iphone buyers on their networks apple may strategically choose to listen to them (such as they did with the 3G)

  • Jbohn

    I thought I read somewhere that the chip  the iPhone 4 uses already supports that spectrum, it’s just Apple hasn’t enabled it. Something to do with AT&T wanting to buy Tmobile, but now that isn’t happening.

  • Anonymous

    This would be amazing, and quite honestly Apple should do it. Some (good) Android phones are starting to support this. Consumers looking for a cheap plan would be limited to android phones on the new entrants. I’d love to see an AWS supported iPhone running on Wind. It’d be the big middle finger to the big 3.

  • MarkL

    IF that happens, the “big 3” can say goodbye to thousands of customers. iPhone is the ONLY reason why I haven’t yet switched to Wind or Mobilicity. 

  • Guest

    Me 41.
    I will not upgrade to anything on T-Mo until they get the iPhone.
    And forget about Spamdroid Because there is no way that i will Reward Google 4 ripping off Apple.
    (NO F*****g Way)

  • Ksmit

    not that the big 3 and AT&T won’t allow it to happen, it’s that they DON’T want it to happen, they’ll do anything in their power to keep apple from doing this however as we all know, apple will tell them to fuck off and do whatever they want

  • Anonymous

    apple wont tell them to fuck off, because they didnt do that when AT&T held monopoly, and they didn’t do it when Rogers held monopoly even though Bell and telus had GSM networks set up for BB