This Futuristic ‘iPhone 5’ Concept Clings to the Back of your Hand [PICS]


Forget trying to guess what the next iteration of the iPhone might look like this fall. Let’s take a look at how it might look in the far future. Over at Ciccarese Design they have developed quite possibly the most radical iPhone design I’ve seen. This freaky looking phone clings to the back of your hand and possesses spider-looking legs to go along with the curved screen.

If this design looks familiar to you that’s because we’ve seen taller ‘iPhone 5’ mockups before from Ciccarese and also another former concept based on the Magic Mouse.

So now when you tell people your iPhone is an extension of your hand, you don’t have to be joking. A few pics and the video below:


Tell me what you think–would you be able to handle having your iPhone glued to your hand (like it isn’t already).


  • mrideas

    Hideous!!! Looks like something about to attack your hand! Wont even get into how you’d make a call!! Reminds me of the evil replicatir robots from the Stargate TV series!

  • No… lol…

  • Mike


  • FragilityG4

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen … That’s exactly what I want a Crab Phone clawing at my hand!

  • Muddy_Water

    Can they make one that attaches to my balls so at least I’ll get some me time when my girl is on facebook??

  • Patric

    So true

  • Jean Lefebvre


  • isisghost

    I would definately try it, I guess the video and camera portion would either have to have a pop up or a beveled edge for fit of a lense. If they could also add 911 GPS autohelp and possibly a heartbeat monitor….ok..sorry, went too far. But lets face it. Ever walk into a I.T. meeting? Everyone is looking down at their phone anyways. Guys, have mercy on little women hands, dont exclude a sex because of hand size.!!!

  • Dale Danielson

    I like it! Except for the iPhone part… Overall, looks like a pipboy! Hopefully Google can make something better that straps to the forearm and interacts with the Google glasses. That would be neat!

  • hell yeah i would sport this it looks awesome and as for making calls thats what a bluetooth is for