This Samsung USB AC Adapter is a Carbon Copy of the iPhone [PICS]


Apple is currently suing Samsung, alleging the South Korean conglomerate is copying their designs. Earlier, we saw the App Store icons grace the backdrop of a Samsung Store, and now it appears the Samsung Galaxy S II charger is a blatant rip off of the iPhone.

9to5Mac posts some pictures of the USB AC adapter from the Galaxy S II, and in my mind, it looks really familiar. Check out the pictures below, and if you don’t think this is a blatant knockoff, you’re crazy.

Apple clearly is not happy with Samsung, as they have reportedly moved away from the South Korean company as a supplier for components. Previously, we have heard Apple partnering with TSMC to make the next-generation A6, various Japanese suppliers for flash memory, and Sharp for future iPhone LCD displays.

What do you think? Is Samsung copying Apple, or is this just a ‘coincidence’?


  • @CarnivalVincy

    Intentional coincidence. Let the lawsuits continue.

  • guypaten

    How would you expect Samsung to compete on equal footing with Apple? Since the cannot produce original stuff, the only way is to imitate, duplicate, copy! Unless this AC adapter was shown in an old 1920 movie.

  • The lawsuits will drag on for years, the lawyers are probably the happiest making fat stacks.

  • It’s pretty crazy, all I can think of were those ‘leaked’ Samsung Galaxy Tab covers that were also identical to the Smart Cover.

  • Jason

    How is that a copy? Theirs is black!

    Kidding. They clearly have no design sense. Did you see the ugly adapter that came with the Nexus S?

  • haha, you’re right. Colours don’t count! ūüėČ

  • Anonymous

    One word…

  • xxJDxx

    My guess?? due the enormous market for counterfeit Apple goods its probably easier and cheaper for Samsung to find a manufacturer already manufacturing Apple-like products to use as a supplier. Rather than designing their own components…

  • Anonymous

    I went to London Drugs the other day and saw a Logix AC adapter that was also identical in appearance to the iPhone one (and it was white, too). ¬†There really isn’t that many ways to make a compact AC-to-USB adapter…the male part of the USB has to go somewhere. ¬†Should they be making theirs larger and less convenient, just to be different?

  • Apple and Samsung both probably bought these parts from the same¬†Taiwanese¬†manufacturer. As much as Apple sweats the details on things, I’m fairly certain that they chose rather than designed/specified this plug.

  • Www Fourstringer63

    Seems like ur left prongs a little fried there gare. They do get a little warm. Not unlike my 12” G4 PowerBook adapter that burnt to a crisp.

  • ?Dennis

    Just goes to show you that you can try to copy Apple but can’t replicate their quality. See the screw holding the adapter together? Now look at Apple’s version. No screw, just great design. Apple takes pride in everything they make right down to the box.

  • SINISTERjoker

    1. Who cares
    2. This isn’t new look at blackberry charger, hell My BT headset came with one, same thing
    3. Do Simpsons fans bitch about when family guy rips off something they did Like how the Simpsons have ripped off so many things before them

    Quick Fanboys assemble!! someone tell apple to file a lawsuit over thier patented ultra futureristic cutting edge square box design!!

  • Whocares

    So you can’t make a square charger..

  • Ari

    Sorry but if this was true, wouldn’t we have already seen this design of charger several years ago already? Apple introduced that charger design with the 3G so that we several years ago.

    Sorry but your theory does not seem to have any wings.

  • Ari

    Dude, I did not see chargers like that until they were introduced with the iPhone 3G which came out in 2008 so whether or not other companies are copying the design in 2011 is pretty much irrelevant.

    Are you completely blind or just an apologist for Samsung? Did you see their dock connector and charging cable? Have you seem their tablets? Have you seen their phones? One similar thing alone you could dismiss but when you look at them all together Samsung is trying to clone Apple styling quite blatantly.

  • Sean

    OMG another company made a charger that looks like the one Apple makes! Run to the hills, the earth must be ending!!!

    Give me a break. I’ve got a $3 USB charger IDENTICAL to the one Apple produces, which I picked up 10 years ago in Malaysia. I’m sure Apple stole the idea so I’m going to sue them for being “unoriginal”.

    What a crock of shit.

  • KnightFire

    Ah… where is this supposed screw?¬† I see a injection molding plastic circle, between the two blades, but that’s it.

  • Abduler416

    I just switched from the iPhone to the Galaxy S II, and I was surprised too!

  • ?Dennis

    I could be wrong, but Just from looking at the pic I thought it was a screw. Either way, the Apple one just looks cleaner.

  • arrow

    agree with Sean! Used to be all other
    phones compared to the iPhone. Now,
    I’ve seen comparisons to the Galaxy S2
    a few times now… and I see why, I dumped
    my iPhone for an S2, and this phone blows
    the iPhone away. The iPhone isn’t bad,
    but now there’s better phones with
    lesser restrictions

  • Ari

    You need to get your eyes checked. It is not a carbon copy of the iPhone charger like the Samsung one is. Also, when did that charger come out? The iPhone charger came out summer 2008.

    You also completely forgot about the similar dock connector and dock connector cable for the Samsung Tablets but why confuse you with “facts” when you are busy with misdirection.

  • Ari

    Do you have a reading disability? Do yourself a favour, assuming that you are not a paid shill, and google for images of the dock connector and charging cable for the samsung tablets. The connector is basically a mirror image of the dock connector that Apple has been using since the first dockable iPod.

  • Anonymous

    I said it was similar. Other users have reported having carbon copies of ones from years ago. It’s a simple wall charger.

  • Anonymous

    Do yourself a favour and read the article I posted. No need for insults.

  • Anonymous

    The first Apple usb adaptor I received was recalled for a safety issue. You sound like you got an epic case of the fanboy bug.

  • Meena

    Samsung¬†is right behind apple in the smartphone race,¬†so there will be things both companies will point it out on the other. But the fact remains, Samsung phones are¬†doing pretty good with the andriod o/s. I have¬†Galaxy 2¬†and iphone 4, and with the 4’+ screen apps looks amazing… I really hope apple bring the 4+ screen in iphone 5

  • Shawn

    I agree! There’s probably only 3 companies in the world that make everyone’s power adapters. Of course they’re going to look similar!!

  • gibberish

    What’s so ‘controversial’ about this, designs get copied all the time! If you can’t beat your competition, JOIN THEM!¬†

  • alienzed

    and you received a replacement part right? sounds more like ‘responsibility’ to me