Tim Cook Explains Why the iPad Has a Bright Future


While the iPad has represented just 13% of the company’s sales last quarter, Apple CEO Tim Cook continues to make an upbeat case for the world’s most popular tablet. An interesting article by Quartz explains just how Cook explains “in his own words” why the iPad has a right future.“I know there’s a lot of negative commentary in the markets on this, but I have a little different perspective on it,” said Cook during yesterday’s Apple earnings call.

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Cook said that instead of looking at the iPad sales each 90 days, “if you back up and look at it, we’ve sold 237 million in just over four years”. That’s about twice the number of iPhones that Apple has sold over the first four years of iPhone. Cook also blamed factors like “market saturation” and “slower -than-anticipated replacement cycles” as some of the major reasons for iPad’s sales decline in the most recent quarter.

“What you do see is that people hold onto their iPads longer than they do a phone. And because we’ve only been in this business four years, we don’t really know what the upgrade cycle will be for people. So that’s a difficult thing to call.”

“I’m sure that some people looked at a Mac and an iPad and decided on a Mac. I don’t have research to demonstrate that, but I’m sure of that just looking at the numbers. And I’m fine with that, by the way. I’m sure that some people will look at an iPad and an iPhone and decide just to get an iPhone. And I’m fine with that, as well.”

He concluded his explanation with these remarks, “Over the long arc of time, my own judgment is that iPad has a great future. How the individual 90-day clicks work out, I don’t know. But I’m very bullish on where we can take iPad over time.”

I totally agree that majority of people, including myself, hold onto their iPads longer than they do a phone, which in my personal opinion, is the one biggest factor in declining iPad sales in the recent few months. What do you say?


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    The ipad mini is a waste of money if you own an iphone 6+. But Cook is right, at the end of the day (from an investor’s perspective) look at how much overall product they’re pushing, how much revenue and profit they’re taking in, look at tablet market share.

    Why get fixated on whether the ipad is doing well if the company continues to make record profits? If it’s losing sales to other products that they offer, why complain so long as the margins remain? Though I suppose it could be said that a phablet solves the need for two devices in some cases, resulting in lost revenue. I think the numbers are showing that this isn’t a problem. I own an ipad and use it as an alarm clock. I’m not surprised sales are declining. You can actually get something done on a macbook air and people are maybe realizing this.