Uber Says It’s Leaving Quebec on October 14


Uber announced this morning it will be ceasing operations in Quebec, citing tougher regulations as its reason for pulling out of the province.

Quebec announced new requirements last week to require drivers to undergo 35 hours of training—like traditional taxis—Instead of 20 hours which Uber currently requires, reports CBC News. The government also wants criminal background checks done by police (Instead of private companies) and cars inspected every 12 months.

Reuters reports Jean-Nicolas Guillemette, Uber’s Quebec general manager, said the company would end operations next month on October 14. There are currently 50 Uber office workers in Quebec, while over 10,000 drivers have worked for the ride sharing company, he said.

Taxi drivers in the province have long battled Uber, such as last year when drivers egged Uber cars and offices, on top of “Uber hunts” by drivers, as tensions boiled over.

What do you think about the prospects of Uber leaving Quebec?


  • sukisszoze

    Extra 15 hours of training, criminal background checks by police and car inspection every 12 months do not seem too onerous to me..we enjoyed all our Uber trips while in Montreal.

  • Jay

    The price of an uber ride in quebec has gotten to the point where its almost more expensive than a taxi, you would think that all the permits and required hoops uber has to jump through for this ridiculous province would be enough.

    If they were to stay I can only imagine it would become more expensive, which would negate the point entirely.

  • Riley Freeman

    i think this is the sort of nonsense that typically goes down in quebec and is exactly why i left. I was born and raised in montreal and at 20 i left and came to toronto. I no longer have to deal with their special rules and regulation.

    Background check is fine, car inspection every 12 months is standard but the this mandatory training is ridiculous. Uber charges less for a reason. If they have the same qualifications as a taxi driver then they should charge more.

    I know montreal hasnt had uber eats that much but between uber and uber eats its going to suck for the people of quebec.

  • OliChabot

    True, since about a year the price of Uber in Quebec has gone up by almost 40%. Now its maybe 25% cheaper than a taxi. I like the ease of Uber and the security that comes with it, but there is no point for them to stay if they are as expensive as a taxi.

  • bbousquet

    London UK just kicked Uber out. Last I checked, this isn’t an isolated incident. No need to take a jab at the province because of that.

  • Bleep Bloop

    I can’t speak for the rest of Quebec, but I live in Montreal and I generally prefer Teo over Uber. I call it the Tesla Roulette – you never know if you’re going to get a Model S or X, or some other electric car. They are always courteous, clean and everything is done via the app. It costs the same as a taxi, but I don’t mind paying a little more over Uber when I know exactly what I am getting (in my experience, some Ubers are not quite as new/clean/courteous as others). I choose this over Uber 90% of the time.

  • sukisszoze

    I saw these Teo Tesla driving around while I was in Montreal..have to try it next time!

  • Daniel Bley

    I’ve logged in just to endorse what you said. Once you tried Teo, you don’t care about the others. Such a nice service.

  • Joe

    Whoa! I wish they would bring this to Vancouver. Who needs Uber when you can ride in a Tesla? That’s just called market innovation.

  • Decodering

    I say good riddance to Uber; I try to support Téo over Uber for a few reasons:

    First, I really don’t like Uber as a company. Second, Téo is a Québec-based company, and I think it’s great to support a local company that can get a foothold into a market and be able to go up against an 800-pound gorilla when it comes to town. Third, the service is top-notch.

    Basically, Uber has to posture now to show that it won’t be dictated to by local authorities in case any other cities/governments decide they want to impose requirements Uber finds onerous.

  • No, they did not. They want to though.

  • Doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. Uber should have their drivers conduct police background checks, 30 hours of training seems quite reasonable.

  • Alexander

    Your comment is so uninformed. Glad you left Québec mate.

  • Riley Freeman

    im very well informed as literally all my family and friends are there. You one of those in denial about everything?

  • Riley Freeman

    london also just separated. something quebec had wanted to do for years so i wouldnt really use london as a model example for anything

  • mcfilmmakers

    Lmao you fool! Would you like more bullshit with your fake news?

  • mcfilmmakers

    He sounds right on the money to me!

  • mcfilmmakers

    You do know that über drivers could own a tesla right?

  • guest


  • Bleep Bloop

    Your best bet is to pick one up from the airport (it’s their standard airport car, but sometimes you can catch them around the city). Good luck!