UK’s ITV Issues Apple A Warning Not To Brand Its Upcoming HDTV As ‘iTV’ [Update]


Update 1: The Verge reports ITV is denying any of these claims by The Telegraph:

The Telegraph’s piece is entirely speculative, and there has been no recent dialogue between ITV and Apple. ITV has no further comment on the matter.”

Interesting. Maybe this denial actually adds more fuel to the fire.


Adam Crozier, the CEO of ITV, UK’s major commercial public service TV network, has warned Apple not to use its three-letter name for its widely rumored “iTV” smart television, as reported by The Telegraph. Crozier raised his concerns that Apple would follow the pattern of branding used for its iPhone and iPad once it brings its own television, when he took the job at ITV back in 2010. Even though ITV has received assurances from Apple in the past (when Steve Jobs was CEO) regarding this particular matter but some analysts believe that Cupertino giant might handle things differently under Tim Cook’s leadership.

Citign from the source:

Apple has dabbled with television sets in the past but has yet to produce a device with the power to shake up the broadcasting market in the same way that the company’s iPod has with music or the iPhone and iPad managed with mobile phones and tablet computers.

However, that is expected to change later this year. Apple has never confirmed plans for an “iTV” but expectations that it is preparing to launch one are gathering pace.

Last week, it was speculated that Rogers and Bell might already have an Apple television demo unit in their laboratories which can be controlled using Siri just like the iPhone 4S.


  • Its a different product, i don’t see the problem really,  but hey, it might be a rebranded apple TV

  • Anonymous

    Well nobody thought it would be called iPad… It was being called iSlate or iTablet. Who knows what weird name Apple will come up with for their television

  • DrBoobies

    How about aTv?

  • Kraken

    iVision or iTube sounds good.

  • Ari

    How about fcukiTV? Or perhaps fuiTV?

  • Rajat Sharma

    Thank You
    The given information is very effective
    i will keep updated with the same

  • Ryansgold1

    Its british televison who cares lol. Take the name for god sakes

  • Nilay Maheta

    Apple is going to name it iBox

  • Nah

     Nah, sounds too much like XBOX.

  • xxJDxx

    You think they might just call it the iTelevision, knowing that everyone will abbreviate it to iTV?

  • Moniz

    Apple’s got $100 bilion in cash. If they want to use iTV, lets see how much in legal fees ITV is willing to spend. I’m betting  they could bankrupt themselves to fight and Apple would barely break a financial sweat  Just take your token royalty or payment ITV   and call it a day.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see how the UK network has any claim on the name in this case: One is a service, the other is a product therefore there is no conflict in trademarks. Also, ITV is not the same as iTV.

  • **golf clap**

  • Anonymous

    You know what’s interesting in these comments is how everyone pretty much expects a TV related device from Apple, and is not even contesting the validity of the statement “upcoming HDTV” in the article’s title.