Vancouver’s Opus Hotel Puts Customized iPhones in Every Room


Vancouver’s posh Opus Hotel has removed the traditional room phones and replaced them with a customized iPhone. The customized iPhone provides one touch access to all of the hotel’s different departments. The Opus is the first hotel in Canada to offer this service.

Opus Vancouver’s general manager, Nicholas Gandossi said, “Technology is a way of life today, not just a perk, and that holds true even while traveling.”

Adding technology to its rooms is not new to The Opus in Vancouver. In March of this year they equipped every room with a “Virtual iPad Concierge” and Telus’ Optik TV.

Guests will also receive free unlimited incoming calls on the iPhone. The guest is also able to make local calls at no charge thus eliminating having to pay roaming charges by using their own phone. Guests are free to take the iPhone with them as they explore Vancouver. The one touch access to the hotel’s different departments allows the guest to use the hotel services while out on the town.

Once the guest has checked out, the iPhone is wiped clean and made ready for the next guest to check in.

What do you think of this? What other uses do you see for the iPhone?

Update 1: Here’s a picture of the setup at Opus Hotel:



  • Eric Godwin

    Wow. I was at the Opus Montreal recently and they didn’t even have an iPod dock on the alarm clocks… This is a technological leap in the right direction.

    Love it.

  • Mike

    Great idea. I love technology and the people who use them. It’s funny that some hotels doesn’t even have Internet access.

  • Daniel

    How does the hotel prevent against theft of the iPhone or the alarm clock dock?

  • Most likely there would be a charge tied to your credit card, which would be required for any incidental charges in the room.

    Or, they use Find my iPhone and hunt you down with an iTaser.

  • Guest

    what if you drop it or scartch it, im sure you’d wish they never had it in the first place

    technology is great. but sometimes were adding junk on top of junk.

  • cyruskafaiwu

    What about data plans, unlimited tethering? But, I think this is good for foreigners?

  • Just great, they do that now that I live in Vancouver so I cannot stay there on business trips. 🙁

  • Roderick Rose

    I am always amazed at the nay sayers on this blog.. what about this, why not that.. gee no data plan… tethering?..

  • BCSC

    This is a great idea. If the units run out of toilet paper, you can wipe your a*s with a piece of sh*t iphone. Finally a use for an iDevice.