Watch This: Shit Android Fanatics Say [VIDEO]


Kristy from Mobile Phone Finder emailed us this video to share with you–Shit Android Fanatics Say. It’s another video from the “Sh*t <insert> Say” theme that’s been making its away across the web this year. I’m pretty sure this video is spot on as it characterizes some of you insecure Android fanatics pretty accurately. Not all Android users are borderline ‘insane asylum’ crazy, but some of you are or know someone that is.

Check it out below:

What do you think? Accurate or not?


  • djepsilon

    Good, except they forgot:
    -We’re not “iSheep” that just follow the heard.
    -Apple is only successful because of their marketing.
    -Only two more months until I’ll be able to download Android Cupcake Candy Sandwhich!

  • lol

  • Bryan

    Siri is a bitch, I agree there!

  • Ayanamilover

    Yes, pretty accurate, you can do the same for Apple Fan too… “Android never works!” “Iphone never lags”

  • RaRa

    lol this video just made the iPhone look even shittier than it already is. I love apple’s attempt to be as witty as Samsung when it comes to advertising, but it doesn’t work so well when your video is pointing out all the awesome things the competition has going for it. Just because you say things in an annoying voice, doesn’t make them any less true.

  • True. Except the iPhone always works and never lags! 😉

  • Nick

    This isn’t an ad by Apple… Simply a “What _____ say” themed video. Calm down man, the worlds not gonna end if someone says something negative about your Android.

  • excaliburca

    No worse than s**t Apple fans says too. Both groups can be equally annoying in their own ways.

  • anon

    That’s because iOS hasn’t made any drastic changes since it’s 2007 release. It still looks the same. It’s essentially a 5-6 year old OS with minor ‘tweaks’. Apple innovation at it’s finest. lol

  • iPhone 5 is still the best smartphone on the planet, an incredible display of advanced engineering that only a company like Apple can make. It’s just amazing!

  • NoOneSeesThis

    Was this suppose to make the Android phones good or bad!?!? ‘Cause even if the guy looks and acts weird.. Everything he says basically shows how great the ‘Droid’ phones compared to my damn iPhone!!