Why Apple Shouldn’t Announce The iPad Mini At The iPhone Event


After following rumors these past few months, both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are predicted to be announced around the September or October time frame. Some reports have indicated a dual event, while others noted a separate event. If Apple had any plans to announce both products in one event, this survey may change their mind.

A survey of 1,873 U.S. citizens conducted by CouponCodes4u found that 78 percent of people would disregard the iPad Mini, paying more attention to the iPhone if announced at the same event. This does make sense though, the iPhone has always been the most popular Apple product, and the regular citizen wouldn’t be willing to spend money on both products. Apple spacing apart the events by nearly one or two months would make sense.

Out of those 78 percent that said they would disregard the iPad Mini, 77 percent of them already owned an iPhone. When asked why they preferred the iPhone, 46 percent said the iPad Mini was pointless, while 39 percent said they would use the iPhone more.

The survey also found that 21 percent of people would consider the iPad Mini for their children. That’s great news for Apple; the iPad can be a bit expensive and large for smaller children, while an iPad Mini would be more wallet friendly and the perfect size.

Will you be buying either the iPhone, iPad Mini, or both upon their release?

[via CNET, picture via iMore]


  • Both. Particular argument for the iPad mini, I have an 11″ Air for work, and I find past few months my iPad usage has dropped significantly as it’s not really any more portable than my laptop. A device that I already own compatible software for that fits neatly in between my phone and laptop I believe is insta-win for me, as it has more real estate for content consumption, but at the same time much easier to whip out than a laptop.

  • It makes sense to split the two announcements.

    iPhone purchases are typically bought by the person using them as they are expensive and/or tied to a phone contract.

    iPads, especially a cheaper iPad mini, would benefit hugely from a separate announcement closer to the holiday buying season as this would be a good fit for gift-giving.

  • K3

    Provided there will be a mini and it’s not just all rumour – Apple probably has the intention of testing the market with this product only. If it is a combination of the iPad but with calling features of the iPhone then it might impede phone sales.

    The flip side- how many people own an iPhone and an iPad? If you could have both but not have to spend as much on the iPad by going smaller would you? That might eat up full size iPad revenue.

    I still think that if there is a iPad mini it will be testing of the ground aimed at artist as a very low cost cintiq alternative.

  • Id buy both, But im what you could call a ‘collector’. I have iPhones, iPod 4th gen, iPads, 13in Macbook pro and 15in Macbook Pro wRD (along with Galaxy Note and Nexus7). For me the iPad Mini could help replace both android devices (the newer iPhone helping in that). Each device has its own purpose, sometimes inter-lapping. Do i NEED them all, no way! Do they all get used, YES! almost all every single day.

  • pegger1

    If 78 percent would disregard the iPad Mini at event announcing both, they’re definitely not going to tune in to an even only announcing the mini.

  • I think what the survey meant by that was people will be so excited about the iPhone, that the iPad Mini may seem like the smaller of the two launches. If the iPad Mini had its own launch, it would be the center of everything.

  • Ahh, I see. I usually am the type to sell of my devices right before a new one is launched. I like to stay fresh, but I also like to save money.

  • If Apple wants to go full steam into the holidays…they might announce both at the same time. Say the keynote is 2 hours long, a typical length. We could see…

    10-10:30: iOS 6 round up
    10:30-11:30: New iPhone + demo
    11:30-12: One last thing…new iPad

  • Very nice point. I do happen to believe though that the iPad Mini won’t have much of an effect on the larger iPad. If someone had an extra $200 to spend and they preferred a larger display, the regular iPad would suit them well. The iPad Mini will just be a huge holiday item. Your opt to spend $200 to $300 on a single item over $500.

  • joecmwu

    lmfao…………………… 😯