Why Users Shouldn’t Post Negative Reviews for Apps Running on iOS or OS X Betas



Earlier this week, Apple released the first public betas of iOS 9 and Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan. MacStories’ Federico Viticci warned users about leaving negative reviews for third-party apps that don’t work with the betas.

“It’s worth pointing out that, at this stage, third-party apps from the App Store can’t be updated to take advantage of the new features in iOS 9 and OS X 10.11, which could limit the potential benefit of trying a public beta for some users. On iPad, for instance, only Apple’s pre-installed apps can use the new multitasking features in iOS 9. For this reason, users interested in installing the public betas should also keep in mind that developers can’t submit apps and updates with iOS 9 and El Capitan features to the App Store – therefore, it’d be best not to leave negative reviews for features missing in apps that can’t be updated to take advantage of them yet.”

At this point developers cannot submit update to correct bug fixes and features for iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan. However, users are still posting negative reviews because a third-party app may not work as expected with a beta release of Apple’s mobile or desktop operating system.

Paul Mayne, CEO of Day One, has posted a screenshot of negative reviews they’ve received by users who are experiencing issues when using his company’s app with the iOS 9 beta.

Users should be aware that they are using a beta version of an operating system, which is bound to have bugs. The point of a public beta is so that Apple can test their new software at scale. There will always be software bugs that Apple or any company will miss during internal testing.

The public beta gives Apple a chance to receive feedback from customers and correct the issues before the final launch. Users should not be leaving negative app reviews because an app doesn’t work for a beta version of an operating system.


  • Chrome262

    Wow, so wait they are smart enough to get the beta, but not smart enough to realize that the apps aren’t ready for it?

  • This e-card instantly came to mind.

  • This is actually partly Apples fault as well. This is why Public beta is a bad idea. Everyone wants the latest and greatest, and who doesn’t. However, the complaining soon follows of bugs, errors, battery issues, etc.

    For a device running on Beta software, if App devs cannot update their apps to accommodate the beta software, Apple should disallow ratings and reviews from apps running this beta software.

    That’s just my opinion though.

  • Kirk

    Holy shit Man… This basically summarizes my thoughts… Like wtf people…

  • Kirk

    *faceplant* beta versions should just have the review option automatically disabled… Smart people know not to use it anyway.. Stupidity exists so it seems like the only way to safe guard it.

  • Kirk

    Agreed. Just said the same thing

  • Steve McKay

    Apple is playing catch-up with Android for the features (e.g. multi-window), this one of the reasons that Android has been / is and will be a better platform. Granted, and the users have the right to complain – but end of the day, Apple doesn’t care…they just want $$$ …People should jailbreak the device, and get the features thru Cydia Repository Sources.

  • Jeff Mitchell

    You know, I was all crazy about this story and about to go off on a rant about “special kind of stupid” people, and then I thought about it…

    I remembered the iOS 8 beta I participated in last year…running into problems with apps that ran fine under iOS 7…and vowing never to have anything to do with betas again.

    Existing apps not working with new features is one thing, but existing apps being completely broken under the new iOS version is another. I can see why people would be upset. Still, going into the app store a posting a 1 star review is, IMHO, a douche move.

  • Pat

    Using a beta version of any operating system (phone or computer) is plain silly. It’s calling for disaster, it’s like using a condom with holes, you will get in trouble.

    There are enough people whose jobs is testing stuff, let them test the alpha and beta versions.